You Have More Facebook Messages than You Know

Facebook Messages

There is a secret inbox on Facebook that few people know about.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTYou might not be aware of the fact that you receive many more messages on Facebook than appear in your inbox. Based on your privacy settings, you can also be contacted on the social media platform by brands or people that are not your friends yet. However, these messages show up in a different inbox that you use for chatting with your family and friends.

The feature works like a filter in an email service which separates your important emails from junk or spam. Sometimes, non-spam email gets into this special inbox, so you have to be careful and check twice before deleting the messages located here. The same stands for the “Message Requests” feature from Facebook. So how can you access this special inbox?

In your Facebook app, you have to first tap on Settings, which is located at the bottom or the top right corner of the screen and looks like a gear icon. Next, you need to tap on the grey tab named People. After tapping on the first option, Message Requests, you might see a couple of new messages. However, if you go even further and tap on the See filtered requests option which is at the bottom of the screen, you will most likely be presented with numerous Facebook messages you had little idea they even existed.

If you are using the desktop version of the social media platform, you have to click on Messages, which is near the top right corner of your screen. Next, you must click on the See All link which appears at the bottom of the list of messages. After you have entered the Facebook messages module, you will need to click on the More option that is located right above the feed. This will drop three options: Unread, Filtered, and Archived Messages. All that is left to do is click on the Filtered option, and you will reach the hidden inbox.

Everything you did not read yet will be written in bold font. While you might stumble upon spam, you will surely be surprised to find Facebook messages from people that are important to you. After you approve a message, it will show up in the Recent Messages module.

Now you can rejoice and explore your personal online treasure, but make sure to check the Message Requests every now and then in order to avoid missing important messages.

Image Source: Digiwonk