The Vice Presidential Debate

The Vice Presidential Debate

The vice presidential debate took place last night. Supporters of the Republican and the Democrat side of the race tuned in to have a look at the other half of the ticket.

The nominee for vice president from the Democrats is Tim Kaine. On the other side of the competition, the nominee for vice president from the Republicans is Mike Pence. They went head to head on the issues of this year’s presidential election. Both candidates turned in a good performance, in a debate that was less spectacular than the presidential debate.

The Two Vice Presidential Nominees

For one night the Republican ticket had a representative that was calmer and gentler. Mike Pence did not lose his calm or interrupt his opponent. On the contrary, it was Tim Kaine who seemed to insist on certain questions. In trying to get a straight answer from the Republican vice presidential nominee, Kaine repeated the issue several time over.

Mike Pence did well on the debate. He looked like he performs well under pressure and doesn’t get baited easily. But he’s not the actual candidate. If Pence’s attitude is what the GOP would like to see more of, sadly, that’s not going to happen. Their Republican candidate has a strong personality that manifested itself right after the presidential debate. So, Mike Pence’s performance on the debate might not actually turn into votes for Donald J. Trump.

Tim Kaine spent a lot of time during the debate quoting Donald Trump. He repeatedly asked Pence to explain comments that the Republican candidate had made. The Democratic vice presidential nominee made use of Trump’s notorious lines to inflict political damage. Most of the time, Mike Pence didn’t want to get involved in a dispute about what Trump had said. He was dismissive of his opponente’s efforts, calling his questions “pre-done lines”. Also, he qualified the Clinton campaign as an “insult-driven campaign”. Overall, he resisted being baited by his opponent into discussing Trump controversies.

Different Styles

Mike Pence, who is the Indiana governor. was in talk-radio mode for the debate. He had the experience of reacting calmly to upset callers on his radio show. So he remained calm throughout the debate and didn’t react to Tim Kaine’s interruptions.

Tim Kaine, who is a Virginia senator, interrupted his opponent may times. Hi interruptions were distracting and they detracted from the topics of the debate. Kaine’s habit to interrupt made policy conversations difficult to follow. Kaine tried to use Joe Biden’s strategies during his debate with Paul Ryan in 2012. But the senator’s personality is different from the current vice president. So it didn’t quite work.

The contrast between the two helped Mike Pence more than it did Tim Kaine. A CNN poll had Mike Pence as the winner of the debate. According to the poll, 48 percent of viewers said Pence did better. Only 42 percent said that Kaine won the debate.

But Kaine was on a mission to take down Donald Trump, and on that he did very well. He quoted many of Trump’s uninformed statements and used a lot of time to paint the Republican candidate as unprepared for the job of president.

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