US Senate To Replace BlackBerry Devices

BlackBerry phone

The US Senate is moving to replace all BlackBerry devices .

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – The US Senate is moving to replace all BlackBerry devices with user friendlier iPhone SE’s and Samsung Galaxy S6. Despite trying it’s best to avoid failure, BlackBerry seems to be heading towards a major fall on the US market, as the US Senate is bringing collaboration with the Canadian-based company to a halt.

As iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S6 become the preferred options, this makes it clear that BlackBerry has fallen behind its competition, iOS or Android. Consequently, the company will no longer be the gold standard for the political arena users.

The Senate has noticed staff, including system admins, chief clerks, and administrative managers, that support for the BlackBerry phone will not be available anymore, once the stocks finish. For those who want to replace their BlackBerry phones immediately, the Senate has given them to choose between iPhone SE or Galaxy S6.

The sudden change is happening because BlackBerry recently announced that it won’t be coming up with new phones based on its BlackBerry OS 10. Apparently, the Canadians have already sent the same notice to Verizon and AT&T, leading the Senate to drop the use of the OEM.

Apparently, just 600 smartphones from BlackBerry are still left in the stockroom. Some senators still like the old BlackBerries. They say that the phones are good because the keyboard is user-friendly and it sends fast e-mails.

The move caused Canadian company shares to decrease in value by 1 percent in 2015, selling only 500,000 units in the last quarter. To compare, Apple had sales of over 50 million products within the same timeframe.President Obama was keeping his BlackBerry at the beginning of 2015. He stressed that even without too many functions – due to security reasons, the keyboard from BlackBerry is suited to his messaging needs.

Recently, Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon and said that the administration had forced him to get a new handset, but did not go into details.The BlackBerry smartphone is already part of the tradition in Senate. It has been the unofficial mascot for more than ten years. Now, the fancy iPhones and Androids have marginalized the Canadian company.

Because the Senate is going to replace Blackberry devices with newer competitors, Senators are now joking about how they’ll say a few words before lowering their BlackBerry companions into the ground.

Image Source – Wikipedia