UFO Sightings on the ISS Live Stream

"Man watching the moon and a UFO"

People have been fascinated with UFOs for long time, now.

There are people plenty of people that are spending hours every time watching the live feed from the ISS trying to catch a glimpse of an alien vessel. UFO sightings have constantly been reported all over the world, people seeing them in the night sky, on the ISS feed, and through their telescopes. Usually, they are dismissed, but this time, something from the witness’ explanation made sense and people are beginning to believe that NASA has been holding up information.

A video of a strange occurrence was uploaded to YouTube by a user that goes by the name Streetcap1. Judging from his upload history, he is a passionate UFO researcher, scouring any possible source for a shred of evidence that proves the existence of aliens.

Usually, such news is immediately dismissed by skeptics that classify it as a continuous search for the “sensational.” However, this time, something was amiss, the video showing a strange occurrence that can’t be easily explained.

“It’s easy to make out that the shininess is caused by its metallic surface. It’s not a perfect disk but does have areas of the disk that push outward as we see in the photo above. It’s easy to see that this is not any space Russian Soyuz capsule or any shipment sent to the space station,” UFO Sightings Daily reports.

NASA representatives declared that the controversial video showed nothing more than the reflection of the ISS that was caught by the camera in one of the windows.

Normally, such an explanation should have sufficed, but now, believers are accusing the agency of withholding information.

It seems that a NASA spokesperson declared last April that the agency shuts down the live feed when a UFO happens to pass through, thus keeping the existence of alien life a secret. This means that some of the UFO sightings that were dismissed in the past might have been the real deal.

What do you think? Is it really a UFO caught on camera, or was NASA right by saying it’s just the reflection of the ISS?

You can check out the video that stirred up all of this attention below. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.

Image source: Pixabay