Uber’s set to Launch Family Profiles

"Uber’s set to Launch Family Profiles"

The new Family Profile feature is currently tested in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – It would seem that Uber’s on a winning streak. Recently, the soon-to-be transport giant announced that it will be testing a new feature called Family Profiles. With this new function, traveling within a city will be much easier since only one person pays for the ride.

In a recent announcement, Uber stated that it is currently testing out a feature called Family Profiles. Basically, Family Profiles lets any Uber user create a group that can include a family member, friends and even colleagues.

After creating this group, the user can send the invitation to 10 other people. Those who’ve joined the so-called family circle can order an Uber cab directly from the application. And, at the end of the ride, the cab fare will be paid by the one who created the group in the first place.

Now, the whole process can be summed up like this: you can create the Family Profile directly from the application. After creating the profile, you can add ten more people to this makeshift group. And don’t worry about the title of the application.

According to Uber, all users who have created a Family Profile can add friends, kin, acquaintances and even work colleagues. After forging the account, the user has to send an invitation to various people. You can enter and use the feature by accepting the invitation.

After everyone’s accepted the invitation, then the fun part can commence. Only look for a ride near your place, order it and travel to your destination. And don’t you worry about the cab fare.

According to Uber’s dev division, the receipt for all cab rides will be received at the end of the month by the person who created and managed the account. This means, that at the end of the month you can review all the rides taken and confront them with the receipts.

Currently, this new feature is being tested out in Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix. If everything goes as planned, Uber is planning on expanding further north and east.

For now, if you’re living in one of these cities, try out the new Family Profiles feature with your friends or your family members. It’s easy to create an Uber account and a child’s play to create your very own Family Profile.

But before heading out to add friends or family members to your group, do keep in mind one thing. And the end of the month, you will be the one who pays for all of it. So be sure to tell your buds or your family to limit their number of trips.

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