Uber Unveils Self-Driving Uber

Uber Unveils Self-Driving Uber

The future may take some time to get here yet. And, yes, it is true that advances in technology have not led to progress in leaps and bounds.

But some future technologies like autonomous vehicles and virtual reality are already here. And it is up to us to incorporate them into our everyday lives.

Self-driving cars have been a dream for many technology enthusiasts. Lowering the chances of accidents while at the same time saving a lot of personal time, many feel they would be a step forward.

But even though cars with self-driving or autopilot capability are already on the market, they are on the expensive end of the automobile market. But what if you didn’t have to buy a car to test the technology?

This Wednesday in Pittsburgh

Starting this Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Uber introduces self-driving cars to its fleet of vehicles.

For the first time, average people in the US have unrestricted and simple access to self-driving cars. With the fare that you pay for an Uber, you can choose a self-driving Uber. And see for yourself what it’s like to ride around in a self-driving car.

The launch of the pilot program for self-driving Uber is the company unveiling its work in autonomous vehicles. Plans that up till now they have kept close to their chest.

It’s been over two years since Uber identified that autonomous driving technology is what is going to take the company to the next level. And propel its next stage of development and growth.

This Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Uber offered ride-alongs to invited reporters. One reporter took a ride of an hour and a half during which the driver barely touched the controls of the car. The self-driving car stopped at red lights and went on at green lights on its own. It moved through traffic safely and smoothly.

The World Is Next

The startup that is based in San Francisco has taken the world by storm. Since it got started, Uber has shaken up the sector of taxi services. It is currently valued at $68 billion.

Last year, it opened an Advanced Technologies Center located in Pittsburgh. It hired 40 members of faculty as well as researchers from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. It moved on to partner with car manufacturers like Volvo.

But the playing field is a crowded one and Uber has plenty of competition. There are competitors Alphabet, Tesla and General Motors to think of. That have been at it for a while. And have accomplished sufficient progress. Automakers and technology companies are working to build the self-driving car of the future. They are all looking for a piece of what looks like a considerable pie.

The self-driving car is going to be a major change in about a car is and what it can do. And will probably lead to us redefining personal transportation. So far, Uber is trying to redefine how we see taking a taxi.

The number of drivers that drive cars for Uber is 1.5 million drivers in total. Uber has plans to ultimately replace many of Uber’s drivers with autonomous, self-driving vehicles. Making driving for Uber a shrt-lived occupation.


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