U.S Marine Was Killed in Boat Accident near Hawaii

"U.S Marine Was Killed in Boat Accident near Hawaii "

An U.S Marine was found dead near the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – In recent news, the local authorities from Hawaii retrieved the corpse of a U.S Marine involved in a boating accident. According to Honolulu’s Fire Department, the U.S Marine died after his fishing boat capsized. Pending the investigation, the authorities refused to disclose the deceased man’s name.

A man, later identified as being an U.S Marine stationed at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, has found under 30 feet of water. The Fire Department and the Coast Guard declared that at the time the man was found he wasn’t breathing and he had no pulse.

An investigation is under way to determine the chain of event that led to the tragic downfall of the U.S Marine. According to the authorities, the Honolulu Fire Department responded to a distress call around 2:30 a.m.

The call originated from a man who said that the boat they were on capsized just off the coast. The person who called the authorities also mentioned that there were two other persons on board. As the Fire Department managed to piece together the case, it would seem that when the 17-foot fishing boat capsized, the man who called the authorities along with his friend managed to break loose and swim to shore.

However, the man on the phone mentioned that a third person was on the boat at the time of the tragedy. The Fire Department immediately notified the Coast Guard, which began to search in the vicinity of the ship.

Unfortunately, it was not until 8:25 a.m. when the Coast Guard managed to find the missing person. According to the authorities, the search party found a man under 30 feet of water. Divers were dispatched to retrieve the man from beneath.

After bringing him into the boat, the members of the Coast Guard discovered that the missing person did not breathe and had no pulse. The authorities tried to resuscitate the man, but to no avail.

Later that day, the Honolulu Fire Department and the Coast Guard found out that the missing person they were tasked to retrieve was an active U.S Marine stationed at the Kaneohe Marine Base in Hawaii.

So far, the investigators could not determine the exact reason the boat capsized or why the deceased U.S Marine couldn’t break loose.

Chuck Little, an official Marine Corps spokesperson, declared that the Corps is deeply saddened by the loss of its brother-in-arms. Furthermore, Little also said he is very grateful for the relentless efforts of the Fire Department and the Coast Guard.

The marine’s name has yet to be disclosed; the authorities are saying that they will do that with after the family is notified of the incident.

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