The Two Presidential Candidates Exchange Attacks

The Two Presidential Candidates Exchange Attacks

Election Day is on November 8 and the two presidential candidates are throwing their last punches of this election campaign. Over the past few days, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton have been attending campaign rallies and events. Trying to reach voters and get them to the polls, the two candidates both spoke about the importance of this election and what is at stake in this election year. They also used the campaign events to tear each other down, by pointing out the negatives in the opponent’s rhetoric and ideas for the country. The message from the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee respectively, was that under no circumstances should the other one win the election. It would spell disaster for the country.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Hurt Trump with Female Voters

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has had a difficult time since the FBI announced that it had found new emails connected to her investigation. The announcement came on Friday and the Clinton camp took the hit well. So far, Hillary Clinton continues to be in the lead. But only by a narrow margin. The CNN Poll of Polls shows the Democratic candidate ahead by two percentage points. Hillary Clinton is at 46 percent and Donald J. Trump is at 42 percent.

The recent development in the Clinton email saga is unlikely to wield any results until Election Day. The FBI has to look into it and decide whether they are going to change their decision to not press federal charges against Hillary Clinton. So, it is going to be a long time until we find out if there was anything worthwhile in the 1,000 emails that federal authorities found in the computer of former member of Congress, Anthony Weiner. But, the news recaptured the attention of voters and directed it once more to Hillary Clinton’s use of private email during her time as Secretary of State. The FBI announcement may not have a finality when it comes to the investigation. But it has most definitely influenced the last days of this presidential campaign.

Still, Hillary Clinton came out swinging against her opponent, Donald J. Trump. She attacked Trump’s character and temperament. At a campaign stop in Dade City, Hillary Clinton made a direct appeal to women to stop Donald J. Trump from getting to the White House. The Democratic candidate quoted degrading remarks that Donald J. Trump made about women. Also, she referenced the allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women surrounding the Republican candidate.

Donald J. Trump Brings Up Email Controversy

Donald J. Trump chose to attack Hillary Clinton where she is the weakest. The Republican candidate brought up the problems that Clinton is having about her emails again. At a campaign rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Donald J. Trump warned that because of the FBI investigation, Hillary Clinton winning would be a serious problem. He said that her election would trigger an “unprecedented constitutional crisis”.

The Republican candidate called the controversy surrounding Clinton’s emails the “biggest scandal since Watergate”. He argued that someone like Hillary Clinton winning the election would bring the political process in the country to a halt.

“She is likely to be under investigation for many years, probably concluding in a very large-scale criminal trial,”

said Republican candidate Donald J. Trump.

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