Twitch and Psyonix Launched the Rocket League Championship

"Twitch and Psyonix Launched the Rocket League Championship"

Join the competition for a change to win 75.000 dollars.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Rocket League champion? If so, head on over and enlist in the first Rocket League Championship, an event packed with tire-screeching and car-bashing fun. Twitch and Psyonix launched the Rocket League Championship, where teams can compete against each other for the 75.000 dollar grand prize.

Fancy yourself a good Rocket League player? Then you should enlist in the competition hosted by Twitch and Psyonix. Still don’t know what Rocket League is?

Well, to put it in simple terms, it’s an unusual mix between FIFA and NFS. Still doesn’t ring a bell? Then imagine that this game lets you play football using rocket-powered cars. Now how cool is that?

Now, on to the interesting parts. As stated before, the event is hosted by developers Twitch and Psyonix, and you can register beginning with the 25th of March. The game itself will last approximately three months, and all the matches can be viewed live or reviewed using Twitch TV.

So, to enter the competition, you must first gather a team of 2 people (yup, it’s one of those competitions where if something goes wrong, you can always put the blame on someone else).

What’s the catch to all this? There’s no catch according to Twitch, one of the co-founders of the game. It is just a matter of good and clean fun. Since the game was released, the two developers saw that the number of online matches has increased. And why not seize this opportunity and bring together several teams from all over the States to compete against each other in this awesome new game?

And the Rocket League trophy is not just about earning a title. According to Twitch, the classiest and the coolest team standing will receive a cash prize of 75.000 dollars.

If you’ve already registered, then you should also know that you are free to play the game from either your PC or from your PlayStation 4. On the subject of consoles, the two game developers mentioned that they are currently working on Xbox One version of the game.

So, if you are growing tired of playing LoL or DOTA and you want something new and refreshing for a change, then go ahead and buy the latest version of Rocket League. We promise that you will have as much fun playing this game as you had when the first Carmageddon was released.

Twitch and Psyonix launched the Rocket League Championship, a friendly, team-based competition, with a game prize of 75.000 dollars.

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