Turn Your Skin Into a Screen

"Turn Your Skin Into a Screen"

Watches may soon become the new, improved smartphones that we all depend on so much.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTYou didn’t think this day would come anytime soon, but you can now turn your skin into a screen. Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a smartwatch that is truly smart. Watches may soon become the new, improved smartphones that we all depend on so much.

I think we can all agree that watches aren’t the first thing to come to mind when we think of entertainment. This will soon end. They might just become the next big thing. The problem with watches is that the screen is so small. There’s only so little you can do with a watch, be it a smartwatch. They are not as smart as we would like them to be, and researchers have picked up on it. So what if you could turn your skin into a screen for better viewing? Now you can find an extra use for your arms.

This new gadget is called SkinTrack and it has two components. First, we have a wristband with a sensor. Then we have a ring that emits an alternative current signal to the wristband. Basically, you just have to wear a ring and a watch and the interface is ready. And since everyone wears wristbands and rings, you can be sure that you won’t attract too much attention from the people around you. At first, that is. Because wait until you see what it does. The information you need appears on your skin and you can use your finger to swipe through it. Just like you do on traditional touchscreens. If you are not happy about wearing a bulky watch, just know that you can roll down your sleeve and it will still capture signals.

This device allows you to do tons of stuff without having to carry too much gear on you. You can watch videos, swiping and dragging them. You can play games and take advantage of almost all the things you could do with regular mobile devices. One can also silence the audio on its phone with just a skin touch. And this is just the beginning, as more options will become available.

SkinTrack is completely safe. It is not intrusive and radio frequency signals don’t have negative effects on the health of the users. So get ready to leave your laptop or tablet at home. SkinTrack is your new entertaining buddy.