Trump Takes Credit for Mike Pence’s Debate Performance

Trump Takes Credit for Mike Pence’s Debate Performance

The race for the White house is well under way. The political campaigns are in their final stages, with little time left until November 8. After spending months on the campaign trail, speaking at campaign rallies and attending fundraisers, the two presidential candidates and their running mates now have the larger forum of television debates to talk about the issues.

This Saturday saw the nominees for the office of Vice President face each other in a televised debate. Tim Kaine for the Democrat ticket and Mike Pence for the Republican ticket debated each other for 90 minutes. The vice presidential debate wasn’t as interesting as the presidential debate, but viewers interested in the outcome of the election tuned in just the same.

Mike Pence Does Well on the Vice Presidential Debate

The tone of the vice presidential debate was more subdued, with both nominees affecting a calm demeanor. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are both career politicians. So, even as they were opposing one another, they kept their cool, stayed on topic and and looked vice presidential.

Tim Kaine used previous statements that Donald J. Trump had made to attack the Republican ticket, asking Mike Pence to defend those statements. Pence carefully dodged the questions and maneuvered his way out of difficult situations that Trump quotes would have gotten him in. But Tim Kaine insisted and even interrupted Pence to get his answer. Mike Pence stayed on message and answered Tim Kaine’s questions with calling the Clinton campaign an “insults-driven campaign”.

Among those who watched the debate, many feel that Mike Pence was the winner. Tim Kaine tried to score points by mentioning every political faux pas that Trump made during the long presidential campaign. But Mike Pence’s unflappable attitude didn’t let him get much with that line of attack. Having said that, Mike Pence won the debate not so much by being better than Tim Kaine on the issues. He was just better at defending the Republican presidential candidate and standing his ground.

Donald Trump Takes the Credit for the Debate

The vice presidential debate was over and many people felt that Mike Pence did very well. Conservatives were reassured by his attitude, after dealing with Trump’s unpredictable, even erratic behavior. So, things were looking better on the Republican side. True to character, Donald Trump was quick to take the spotlight and put it back on himself. He publicly congratulated himself for how well Mike Pence did during the vice presidential debate. He praised his running mate for how well he did, but with every other word he also gave praise to himself for his choice.

Donald J. Trump probably wanted to express the fact that he was proud of Mike Pence. What came out though was just how much pride he takes in himself. After such a long campaign, Donald Trump’s ego is something that everybody is used to. Yet, it was somewhat surprising for the GOP to see their presidential candidate take credit for himself for the performance of his running mate. Especially considering his own performance during the presidential debate.

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