Trump Loses Support with the GOP and Turns on His Own Party

Trump Loses Support with the GOP and Turns on His Own Party

Donald Trump is growing increasingly lonely in his attempt to win the White House. The Republican candidate has been steadily losing support following two debates where many feel Clinton won. The latest scandal in which the Trump campaign has been involved put many of those who supported him in a position where they had to withdraw that support.

So, Trump loses support with the GOP. After some time of not following advice from his party and getting involved in campaign battles that he was told he was going to lose. But with that, the nominee of the Republican party decides to turn against his own party.

The Republican Party Finds It Increasingly Difficult to Support Donald Trump

This Tuesday, Donald J. Trump decided to go to war against the Republican establishment. He went after the Republican House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and after Senator John McCain. He also attacked other elected officials of the Republican party.

It’s four weeks until Election Day and the GOP is in turmoil. The tape where a hot mic catches Donald Trump making terrible comments about women has been broadcast on repeat since Friday. The Republican candidate did formally apologize for his choice of words. But he didn’t seem particularly apologetic or contrite. His attempt to dismiss what he said on that tape as “locker room banter” didn’t go down well with many people.

Any election campaign has moments where the candidate is attacked on his or her record. Or when past comments made by the candidate are brought out and used against him. But what is particularly damaging to the Trump campaign is how Donald Trump reacts to these bumps in the road. He loses his temper and goes on the offensive. Like the instance regarding the comments he had made about Alicia Machado. Donald Trump found himself in a war of words with a former beauty queen, right after a presidential debate that was supposed to be about the issues, the economy and national security. By contrast, Hillary Clinton looked presidential and well-prepared for the job.

Donald Trump Turns Around and Attacks the GOP

Members of the Republican establishment have tried to caution Donald Trump against using a certain kind of rhetoric. They urged him to stay away from the topic of Bill Clinton’s infidelities. They generally gave good advice about how Trump should be more calm, more focused and stay on message. The Republican candidate dismissed that advice and chose to carry out this campaign the way he knew best.

Now, Republican politicians, who were uneasily standing by Trump from the beginning, are taking back their support. Walking back on comments where they supported Trump, they are leaving Donald J. Trump to stand on his own with this hard core of supporters.

One of the most important Republicans was Paul Ryan, who announced that he is not going to campaign for Trump any more. Trump responded by calling Ryan “weak and ineffective”. Also, he said that Paul Ryan was providing “zero support” for his campaign anyway.

Trump’s reaction was driven by impulse. He took to Twitter and announced that “the shackles have been taken off”. Another tweet tried to paint what was happening as a positive. Donald Trump said that now he could “fight for America” the way that he wants to.

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