Trump Is Behind Clinton in the Money Race

Trump Is Behind Clinton in the Money Race

The presidential election is less than fifty days away and the countdown has started for the two candidates. Both candidates have been through a long, difficult year since they first announced that they were going to run in the primaries. The campaigns have also felt the strain as they are now in the last stretches of the presidential race.

Political campaigns are enterprises that rely heavily on enthusiasm and support from the voters. But they also run on cold hard cash. And the competition is also about who can get the most financial support from their backers.

Fundraising and Campaign Finance

Both political candidates spent this past August trying to fill up their war chests ahead of the confrontation at the polls. The Trump camp and the Clinton camp were on the campaign trail, with the candidates attending fundraising events. In an effort to get political support and campaign contributions.

The campaign for the Republican candidate stepped up their efforts this August. They improved their political infrastructure and their fundraising infrastructure. But they still couldn’t catch up to Clinton’s campaign.

This Tuesday both campaigns had to file reports for August with the Federal Election Commission. The information regarding campaign finance was publicly available.

According to the reports filed, the Clinton camp had $42 million more in their coffers than the Trump campaign. Despite the best efforts of the Republican team to raise more money.

The Trump campaign benefits from the support of two super PACs as well as the financial support of the Republican National Committee. All their money put together totaled $70 million.

Donald J. Trump for president received a lot of small donations from small backers. This is perhaps something new for the Republican side. The conservative right is more used to big donors and large sums of money, like in 2012. But Trump has managed to give a new, different sort of enthusiasm to the election campaign. And this has translated into grass-roots support for the Republican nominee and small donations.

Clinton Ahead When It Comes to Money

However, Donald Trump is still behind Hillary Clinton when it comes to campaign contributions. Even the grass-roots support that he has couldn’t place him ahead of Clinton.

The Clinton campaign relies on the support of an allied super PAC as well as the financial support of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC has really called on its large donors for support. Also, the Clinton campaign benefited from a well-choreographed convention that gave the Democrat candidate a boost. Appeals to give to the campaign were launched right during the convention by celebrity guests.

So, in August, the fundraising efforts of the Democrat side of the race combined raised $112 million for Hillary Clinton. That puts Clinton well ahead of her Republican opponent.

When it comes to how much money the two sides have available right now, Clinton is still in the lead. The Trump campaign started September with $96 million in their coffers. On the opposing side, the Clinton camp started the month with $121.4 million in the bank.


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