Trump Faces Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior

Trump Faces Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior

Donald Trump is facing allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women. The campaign of the Republican candidate has been going through some difficult times recently. Trump’s problems stem from his attitude towards women. Although Donald J. Trump has made comments regarding women’s role in society that were not politically correct ever since the primaries, it is now that he is losing support over something that has been part of his behavior all along. Trump’s campaign is like a boat taking in more and more water over the issue of how Donald J. Trump relates to women.

Donald Trump’s Comments about Women

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made comments that could have been called borderline offensive to groups of individuals. During media appearances and at campaign rallies, the Republican candidate has made comments about women, minorities, religious groups and even army veterans. But the negative comments that he made and the vitriol that he used in his rhetoric didn’t affect him in a negative way. On the contrary, sometimes it seemed that the more outrageous the comments, the more support he would get.

But the issue of women and how presidential candidate Donald Trump sees women in American society has finally reached a tipping point for the Republican nominee. Donald Trump’s troubles started after the first presidential debate. There were many issues covered during the debate, including issues about economic policy and national security. However, after the debate, Trump found himself explaining his behavior towards former beauty pageant winner Alicia Machado. Donald J. Trump stood by comments that he had made about Machado’s body image. The more he strayed away from the issues of the presidential election, the more voters saw how Donald Trump feels about women.

Donald Trump’s History of Inappropriately Touching Women

This Friday, Donald Trump’s image sank even lower. A tape was made public where Donald Trump makes lewd comments regarding women. The language that Donald Trump uses on the tape is not at all presidential. But Trump dismissed that as “locker room banter”. However, a more serious issue for the candidate is that on the tape he openly admits to behaving in a sexually aggressive way towards women. The moderator of the second presidential debate confronted Trump about his behavior. He asked the Republican candidate if he ever behaved in such a way as described on the audio tape. Donald Trump denied ever behaving that way.

Now, four women have come forward to tell their stories about how Donald Trump behaved towards them. The things that they have to say contradict Donald Trump’s answer during the presidential debate. They say that Trump did behave inappropriately towards them, even though the candidate had stated he does not engage in that kind of behavior. The women accuse Trump of groping them or of kissing them without having their consent. Which is exactly the type of behavior that Donald Trump can be heard bragging about on the audio tape.

The four women have credible stories with verifiable facts and dates. The incidents date from years ago, before Donald Trump was a presidential hopeful. All stories feature situations where Donald Trump touches them or kisses them without their consent.

Image source: Flickr