Trump Dismisses Mosul as a Disaster

Trump Dismisses Mosul as a Disaster

This weekend, the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump expressed his political views about the offensive in Iraq. Those interested in the presidential race could see how Donald Trump dismisses Mosul as a disaster and is highly critical of United States efforts in the region. Throughout his run for the presidency, Donald J. Trump has said that he would be a much better commander in chief than his opponent, Hillary Clinton. But the Democratic candidate is a former Secretary of State with a lot of experience in national security and foreign affairs. Trying to persuade voters to give him their support on November 8, Donald J. Trump talked about what is happening in Mosul right now.

Donald J. Trump’s Take on US Foreign Policy

The comments that the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump made about the offensive in Iraq follow in a series of statements that he made about the position of the United States in the world. While some of the things he says get traction with Trump supporters, analysts and foreign policy specialists are often surprised that a presidential candidate could talk in such a way. The way that Donald Trump positions himself with regard to key issues concerning the country has more to do with making himself look good. Often, his answers to key issues don not offer a solution to the problem.

Recently, Donald J. Trump dismissed official assessments from several intelligence agencies that Russia has orchestrated cyber-attacks against the United States. He has said of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin that he is a better and a stronger leader than Barack Obama. Throughout the campaign he had good things to say about Putin and Russia and has said that a meeting with the Russian President would be his first official meeting as President. His comments prompted Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to say that Donald Trump would be a puppet for Vladimir V. Putin during one of the presidential debates.

Donald J. Trump has spent time on the campaign trail, talking about ISIS as well. The candidate often used strong language to depict some of the tactics of the group for shock value. His message has been that the United States has to go after ISIS. But his plans for doing that always seem vague. Regardless of that, Donald J. Trump presents himself as knowledgeable and capable regarding the fight against ISIS. Recently he has said that he knows more than America’s generals about how to defeat ISIS.

Donald J. Trump Dismisses Mosul and Criticizes United States

Wanting to show more of his knowledge about foreign policy and national security, Donald J. Trump took on the topic of Mosul. The United States are currently backing an offensive that aims to take back control of the city of Mosul in Iraq. The city is an ISIS stronghold that Iraqi and Kurdish forces are now attacking. So far, there has been progress in the advance.

Speaking over the weekend, Donald J. Trump called what is happening right now in Mosul, Iraq “a total disaster”. He was critical of US involvement, saying that it’s making the country look “so dumb”.

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