Trump Denies Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior towards Women

Trump Denies Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior towards Women

The Republican candidate, Donald Trump is involved in a scandal that is bringing incidents from his past into the present. Women that he has met in the past have come forward and accused him of grabbing them and touching them, even kissing them. Donald Trump denies allegations of inappropriate behavior towards those women and women in general. At a rally on Thursday, Trump dismissed the statements of those women recounting encounters with the real estate billionaire. Donald Trump is still trying to get the women’s vote. Even in the middle of this scandal he is asking for female voters to support his run for the presidency.

Donald J. Trump’s Trouble with Women

The Republican candidate is on the campaign trail, giving speeches to Trump supporters. Speaking to his loyal followers, Trump is in a safe, comfortable zone where he doesn’t face any challenges. He is using that platform to stay away from the accusations that he has behaved inappropriately towards women in his past. Also, he is urging his supporters to not pay any attention to the controversy.

The trouble for Donald J. Trump started with a tape that was made public on Friday. Donald Trump was on a bus with “Access Hollywood” host, Billy Bush. The two were on their way to filming a segment for the news-entertainment show. A hot microphone captured the conversation that the two were having. The way Donald Trump can be heard talking about women was very damaging to the presidential candidate’s image. But even more problematic than his choice of words was what it looked like Trump admitting to physically assaulting women.

The nominee of the Republican party for the White House dismissed the conversation as “locker room banter”. During the second presidential debate, the subject of the tape came up. One of the moderators directly asked Trump if he has ever engaged in behavior like the one described on that tape. Donald Trump emphatically denied ever behaving in such a way.

Since then, several women have come forward to contradict Trump. They have stories with facts from incidents where Donald Trump behaved in a sexually aggressive way. The women talk about situations where Trump grabbed them or touched them without their consent.

Donald J Trump Denies any Wrongdoing

On Thursday, Donald Trump asked his supporters to rally behind him during this controversy. At a campaign event, he said that he was the victim of “false smears”. So Trump was in fact saying that those women accusing him of unwanted advances were not telling the truth. That their stories are part of a smear campaign meant to tarnish his image.

But the stories of the women seem to be consistent. The incidents happened over decades, as six women have now come forward with information. The stories paint the picture of a man who is used to treating women this way. And it is this exact treatment of women that Donald Trump was bragging about on that tape.

However, Donald Trump is firmly denying all the allegations. He is being dismissive of their stories and is probably just hoping for the controversy to go away on its own. But there is less than a month to go until Election Day and not enough time for the air to clear.

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