Trump Calls for Clinton Foundation Closure amid Fresh Scandal

Trump Calls for Clinton Foundation Closure amid Fresh Scandal

On Monday, Donald Trump urged the Clinton family to “immediately” close down their charity. The Republican presidential nominee cited several e-mails from conservative sources showing that Clinton Foundation donors had asked favors of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat.

The Scandal

According to the leaked correspondence, Doug Band, one of the charity’s top executives, asked Clinton’s right-hand man Huma Abedin to make arrangements for a Clinton meeting with the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain. The prince is referred as “our friend” in the documents.

Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain

Crown Prince Salman

Band instructed Abedin to arrange the meeting via “normal channels.” The former Secretary of State’s top aide replied saying that Clinton had no idea at the moment if there was any time for it. Shortly after, Abedin added that he has made the necessary arrangements.

The Crown Prince Salman is a top donor of the Clinton Foundation. For instance, he donated $32 million to a Clinton Global Initiative’s scholarship program in 2010. Additionally, his kingdom forked out between $50,000 and $100,000 for the charity’s various projects.

The leaked correspondence between Band and Abedin also shows that there were other favors for Clinton donors. On one occasion, Band asked Abedin whether he could arrange that a British soccer player gets an American visa. The favor was made on behalf of Cassey Wasserman, another key donor.

When Abedin replied that the request made Clinton “nervous,” Band told him not to do it. Documents that have surfaced earlier this month show that Band has sought another meeting arrangement. Reportedly, donor Gilbert Chagourys sought access to a State Department top official. Nevertheless, the arrangement never became reality.

Clinton Campaign’s Reaction

In response to the accusations, Clinton campaign slammed the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, which unveiled the emails. Clinton staffers said that the group is only trying to mislead voters.

A Clinton spokesman noted that despite the group efforts to “mischaracterize” the documents, the Democratic presidential nominee never acted on behalf of a Clinton Foundation donor while she served as Secretary of State.

The new scandal comes a week after the charity had publicly announced that it would no longer accept foreign corporate and government donations if Hillary Clinton reaches the Oval Office.

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