Trump Claims “Rigged Election” on November 8

Trump Claims “Rigged Election” on November 8

The campaign for Donald J. Trump to become the next president of the United States is working hard to solidify support among their electoral base. Anticipating messages that crowds of Trump supporters would be responsive to, the candidate has talked about the organization of the election. Over the weekend the messages from the Trump camp were about this November’s “rigged election”. Also, the candidate himself tweeted about it on Sunday, amplifying a talking point that the Trump campaign has used in the past before. So, with Election Day getting closer, Trump is trying to make his supporters nervous that the Democrats could steal this election.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Is in a Tough Spot

Donald Trump’s position in the race for the White House is becoming more and more fragile. Also, the Republican candidate is part of a scandal where several women accuse him of inappropriate behavior towards them. Women that Donald Trump had met in his past now talked to the media and told stories about Trump grabbing them and touching them without their consent.

The allegations come after a damaging tape became public. On the tape Trump can be heard bragging about being sexually aggressive towards women. Also, the language that he uses is not at all presidential to say the least. Add to that two presidential debates in which many feel Trump didn’t exactly give an incredible performance. And you have the picture of where the Trump campaign is right now.

Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, is in the lead in the presidential race. The Democratic candidate is up 7 points in a recent poll. But more damaging to where Donald Trump stands with the electorate is the answer to one of the questions in the poll. Half of likely voters think that Trump is not suitable to be next president.

It’s been a difficult time for the Trump campaign and, in the controversy, many prominent Republican politicians withdrew their support for Donald J. Trump. Thinking of their own political careers and the majority in Congress that the Republican party is going after, prominent GOP members walked away from Donald Trump. The most notable one was House Speaker Paul Ryan. As with many situations, even more damaging to Donald Trump’s image was how he reacted to Paul Ryan’s withdrawal. The Republican candidate called the House Speaker “weak and inefficient”.

Donald J. Trump Surrounded by His Hardcore Supporters

Donald J. Trump is increasingly standing on his own in this presidential election. The Republican candidate is surrounded by a clique of advisers and supporters that do not contradict him. In the meantime, the Republican establishment is putting more and more distance between themselves and the comments that Donald Trump makes.

Donald Trump’s next move in the presidential election campaign was to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the electoral process. His words may have resonated with Trump supporters who are ready to believe in a Clinton conspiracy. But moderate Republicans might not react positively to the candidate doubting the election itself. Prominent Republican politicians have expressed faith in democracy and the election process. Even Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said that he believes in a fair election process.

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