Trump Claims Illegal Voting in the Presidential Election

Trump Claims Illegal Voting in the Presidential Election

President-elect Donald Trump is enjoying the success that he had in the United States presidential election. He is putting together his team for the future Trump administration. While spending time talking to potential nominees for various positions in the White House and in the administration, he also took the time to express his views on Twitter regarding the result of the popular vote. This Sunday Donald Trump said that the reason he fell short in the popular vote was the fact that millions of people had cast a vote illegally. Trump has made this claim without having any evidence.

Trump Posts Message on Twitter

Donald Trump was the winner of the presidential election, having gotten the greatest number of electoral votes. However, the popular vote went to Hillary Clinton. The President-elect is now saying that he would have been the winner of the popular vote as well if it hadn’t been for illegal voting. The statement from Donald Trump comes as some are questioning the legitimacy of his future presidency.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump posted to Twitter that he feels he is the undeniable winner of the presidential election.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,”

tweeted Donald Trump.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has just announced that it is going to take part in the recount effort in the state of Wisconsin. Also, it is possible that the campaign will take part in the recount efforts in two other states, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The recount effort is being undertaken by Jill Stein, the candidate of the Green Party who is challenging the result of the election.

Trump Campaign Criticizes Recount Effort

Donald Trump had voiced his views about the election during the presidential campaign as well. He had said that the election was “rigged”. He accused the political establishment of being corrupt and in favor of Hillary Clinton. Also, he said that the media was biased towards Hillary Clinton. Trump won with a message that was anti-establishment. Voters at the polls chose his point of view. So, Trump now feels he has the legitimacy to make bold claims.

The Republican camp has made claims of voter fraud in the past as well. There have been allegations of wide-scale voter fraud. However, there was virtually no evidence for any such irregularities. Donald Trump’s comment placed the voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election on the scale of millions. That is an unlikely situation to have happen in an established democracy such as America.

Later on Sunday, Donald Trump made another claim about voter fraud in a Twitter post. He did not provide any evidence for his claims. But he said that there had been “serious voter fraud” in the states of Virginia, New Hampshire and California.

A day before Donald Trump posted this series of Tweets about voter fraud, the Trump campaign reacted to the news that there would be a recount in several states. In a statement, they said that this was just “a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded”. The statement also said that everyone should respect the result of this election, instead of challenging it.

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