Trump Chooses Polls that Are Accurate

Trump Chooses Polls that Are Accurate

The Republican candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump is falling behind in the presidential race. His opponent, Hillary Clinton has a significant lead, even in some battleground states. Most polls show that the Republican candidate is trailing behind his Democratic opponent. But hard data and figures aren’t going to have much of an impact on Donald J. Trump. As usual, the Republican candidate can simply construct his own reality. So, Trump chooses polls that deliver the numbers that he wants to see and quotes that data. According to three tracking polls that he chooses to believe, he is actually winning the election.

Trump Chooses Polls That Have Him Winning

Donald J. Trump’s relationship with polls has been a fickle one. The Republican candidate likes polls when the numbers are in his favor. More recently, things have started to go downhill for the Trump campaign. After three presidential debates where the consensus was that Hillary Clinton did better than him, Donald J. Trump’s numbers started to go down. The controversy in which the candidate is involved where several women are accusing Trump of touching them without their consent made him lose support among women. Since then, Donald J. Trump has made polls and polling data part of the left-wing conspiracy to steal the presidential election of 2016. The numbers in recent polls are all false according to him and are part of the “rigged election”.

When he does provide information from polls about how his campaign is doing, Donald J. Trump picks three polls that still have him fighting with Hillary Clinton at one or two percentage points distance. Most polls indicate that the Democratic candidate has gained momentum and has built a significant advantage. But these three polls say that Donald J. Trump still has a chance at winning the White House.

Three Polls Where Trump Is Doing Well

One of the polls is a joint project between the Los Angeles Times and the University of Southern California. Their data reports Donald J. Trump is in the lead by one percentage point. The second poll Trump likes to mention is Rasmussen Reports. Two weeks ago, the poll had Trump in the lead by 2 percentage points. Now they are showing Hillary Clinton ahead by one percentage point. According to Rasmussen Reports the two candidates are at 44 percent and 43 percent, respectively. The third poll that Donald J. Trump is alright with is a partnership between polling company Technometrica and Investor’s Business Daily. They released data this Wednesday that showed Clinton was in the lead by a negligible margin -just 0.6 points.

These three polls that Donald J. Trump picked are more obscure. The major national surveys that are often quoted in news coverage of the election are conducted by prominent news organization together with established polling companies. But the results of those polls don’t favor the Republican candidate. So he has chosen to publicize polling data that makes him look good. The rest of the polls are biased towards Hillary Clinton, according to Trump.

“When the polls are even, when they leave them alone and do them properly, I’m leading. But you see these polls, where they’re polling Democrats: ‘How’s Trump doing? Oh, he’s down.’ They’re polling Democrats.”

Said Donald J. Trump at a campaign event in Florida.

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