Trump Campaign Manager on Negative Polls: They’re Wrong

Trump Campaign Manager on Negative Polls: They’re Wrong

Kelyanne Conway who is managing Trump campaign said that the negative poll numbers showing Trump is losing don’t reflect reality. Conway noted that there are numerous “undercover” voters who’ll cast a favorable vote in November.

Ms. Conway cited the party’s online polls. She explained that on the Internet voters no longer fear the peer backlash when they express their Trump support. Nevertheless, she declined to attach some numbers to the statement.

“Our internal polling is proprietary and confidential so I won’t discuss it,”

Conway added in a British Channel 4 interview.

She also said that the Republican presidential nominee has a more consistent support in online polls. Reportedly, respondents are more likely to profess their support for Trump in polls that don’t involve a human peer.

Currently, the two presidential nominees are in a tight race. Key national polls show that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Trump, but by a small margin. For instance, in the RealClearPolitics election poll Clinton is leading the race with 7 points.

However, Conway has an extensive expertise in polling. The GOP veteran pollster is chief executive of The Polling Company and has been in the business for more than two decades.

Limitations of Traditional Phone Surveys

She explained that many Trump fans hide their support in phone conversations because they fear the backlash or stigma coming from the pollster. She noted that it is now “socially desirable” for highly educated Americans to mock or be against Trump.

Conway unveiled that the party is working on a project dubbed “the undercover Trump voter.” She noted that if one goes around the country they’ll find countless undercover Trump supporters.

Still, traditional phone surveys may be inaccurate for another reason. Racial minorities and younger people, who are usually Democrat supporters, either don’t own a landline or are hard to find. So, their voice may be louder than current polls show.

On the other hand, some online pollsters confirmed Ms. Conway’s theory, at least in a small part. For instance, poll expert Nate Silver observed that traditional polls favor Clinton but not uniformly. But Silver also revealed that his fine-tuned forecast gave Hillary Clinton an 85 percent chance of winning the presidential seat in November.
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