Trump Campaign Manager Says Obama US Born

Trump Campaign Manager Says Obama US Born

Kellyanne Conway is Donald Trump’s campaign manager. This Friday, she went on CNN’s “New Day” and talked to Chris Cuomo about whether or not Trump is still a birther.

Conway would much rather have talked about the recent CNN poll, a topic that she brought up several times. But Chris Cuomo wanted to discuss the birther issue. Since the birther issue has gotten headlines lately. And the media insists on asking about it.

The Birther Issue

One of the reasons for which the press just won’t let it go is Trump’s attitude. As a candidate he has been reluctant to take back any of his affirmations. Because he wouldn’t want others to see him as a man who changes his opinion easily. Or stand accused of flip-flopping on an issue.

Before he decided to run for president, Donald Trump got a lot of attention from the media by insisting that Barack Obama was not born in the US. He went on many TV shows (The View to name just one) where he insisted that the president should make his birth certificate public. In the process he became associated with the birther issue.

The time that he got on various media outlets brought him even more notoriety and gave him a platform to state his opinions about politics. He also managed to position himself as a critic of current president, Barack Obama.

It might be why he does not want to be seen backpedaling on the issue of Obama’s birth certificate.

Only this Tuesday, Trump was asked about whether or not he genuinely believes that Obama was born in the US. He was on Fox News talking to Bill O’Reilly. Donald Trump declined to answer the question unequivocally. He still would not answer yes. “I don’t even talk about it anymore” is what he had to say.

Trump Is On Board

So Kellyanne Conway had the unenviable task of convincing CNN viewers that yes, Donald Trump agrees that Barack Obama was born in the United States. In a situation where the man himself remains silent on the issue.

“He believes President Obama was born here,” Conway said of Donald Trump.

She said that the birther controversy was over as far as the Trump campaign saw it.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani recently said the same thing. He is a Trump supporter and spoke in favor of the Republican candidate. On Thursday on MSNBC, Giuliani said that Trump now thinks that Barack Obama was actually born in the United States.

Conway wanted to move away from the topic and talk about what kind of president Barack Obama has been. She said that there is no doubt in her mind that he was born in the United States. But, that, having said that, he hasn’t been a successful president. She wanted to say that Trump’s campaign is focused on that and not on the birther issue.

She also wanted to point out that it’s a non-issue for voters. That polling shows that Americans care about other issues, not the birther controversy.

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