Trump Campaign Puts an End to Fundraising Events

Trump Campaign Puts an End to Fundraising Events

This Tuesday, the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald J. Trump made an announcement about the running of his presidential campaign. The Trump campaign isn’t going to have any more big fundraising events. There are less than two weeks to go until Election Day and the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls. Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, recently admitted that Trump is behind in the presidential race. Suspending fundraising efforts for the Republican party shows in how much trouble the Trump campaign is.

No More Big Fundraising Events

Donald J. Trump is on the road, attending campaign rallies in key states where he has a chance of winning. But the GOP’s nominee is struggling to attract support from voters. The Republican candidate has his loyal Trump supporters that will vote for him regardless of the controversies surrounding him. But their numbers are limited. Trump supporters are not enough to win this election for Donald J. Trump. The Republican candidate was not successful at reaching out to minorities, young voters and suburban voters. These were all votes that Donald J. Trump needed in the race for the White House.

Now, the decision was made to not schedule any more fundraising events for large sums of money. This will cause difficulties in the operations of the campaign. As November 8 gets closer, the campaign will need money for get-out-the-vote operations.

The Trump campaign was already behind Hillary Clinton when it came to campaign finance. The Democratic candidate had a much better fundraising operation and was doing better financially than her opponent. Bringing major fundraisers to a halt will mean less resources for the Republican candidate at a critical point in the campaign.

Getting Out the Vote

One of the key elements to winning an election is making sure that your supporters actually make it to the polls to vote for you. The Democrats have put together a well-organized get-out-the-vote campaign to make sure they get every single vote. When it comes to early voting, for example, the Democrats got more voters to go to the polls than Republicans.

The Democrat side is doing better because Hillary Clinton also has her own turnout operation. It is extensive and has been successful in voter turnout. But Donald J. Trump as well as other GOP down-ballot candidates are relying on the Republican National Committee for voter turnout. So far, the RNC is behind the Democrats, running a more limited operation.

In an effort to get last minute support for the Republican ticket, Donald J. Trump’s running mate is going to attend a campaign event in Utah. The Indiana Governor is going to Utah this Wednesday to try and bring the situation around for the Republican side. Utah used to be a state that the Republicans could rely on. But with the controversy surrounding Trump’s behavior towards women, Utah’s conservative values are at odds with the GOP’s nominee. Polls show that the Republican candidate runs the risk of losing the state on November 8. So the vice-presidential nominee, known for his conservative values, is going to try to shore up support in Utah.

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