Trump Attacks in the Aftermath of the Debate

Trump Attacks in the Aftermath of the Debate

After the first presidential debate this Monday, analysts and political pundits discussed the performance of each candidate. The media looked at the merits of each one of the candidates. Political talk shows spent time replaying soundbites and fact checking the statements that the nominees had made.

Opinions are split regarding who won the debate. Some analysts say that Hillary Clinton won hands down, while others say that Donald J. Trump was better. But from the commentary, the prevailing view is that Donald Trump didn’t turn in a very good performance.

Donald Trump Threatens to Get Personal

From the statements that he made to how many drinks of water he took, the media looked at everything about the Republican candidate’s performance during the debate. There were comments about how he had the sniffles. The issue even prompted a Twitter comment from Howard Dean that he still hasn’t taken back. There were other comments about how often he interrupted Hillary Clinton during her time. Political websites fact checked his statements and found they weren’t entirely true.

Overall, there were many negatives with the performance of the Republican candidate. So, with losing so many points during the debate, the Trump camp has decided to go on the offensive. In the aftermath of the debate, Trump attacks his opponent as well as others who have spoken against him.

Without making any specific statements, Donald J. Trump told the media that he is considering talking about something that he hasn’t brought up yet. He is taking into account the possibility of bringing up the marital history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Trump is referring to the many infidelities that Bill Clinton is guilty of, including the most notorious one from when he was the president. Trump has the right temperament to turn a marital infidelity into a political talking point during a presidential campaign. The question is whether he will do it.

Donald Trump Plays Offense

Donald Trump doesn’t just see Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton as his opponent. The Republican candidate went on the offensive when it came to other people as well. Talking to a news network about the debate he attacked NBC News anchor Lester Holt. Trump said that the debate moderator had asked “unfair questions”. He also said that his microphone during the debate wasn’t working well. By that he implied wrongdoing and that someone may have tampered with the microphone.

During the debate, Hillary Clinton brought up the topic of former beauty pageant winner, Alicia Machado. As a result, Donald Trump had to talk about comments he had made regarding her gaining weight. The Republican candidate decided that offense is the best defense. So, he once more talked about how the weight gain was “a real problem”, insisting he was right.

Donald Trump had worked very hard during the past weeks to look and sound more presidential. In an effort to prove that he has the self-discipline to be president, he was more careful with the comments that he made. But after the debate, Trump aired his grievances in public and stood by less than presidential comments he had made in the past. The tone was weary and impatient as the candidate couldn’t refrain from reverting to his old self and making disparaging comments.