Trump Aide Tries to Block Romney Nomination

Trump Aide Tries to Block Romney Nomination

One of the top advisers to Donald Trump has made a comment on Sunday that has made the Romney nomination for Secretary of State less likely. The President-elect, Donald Trump has had talks with Mitt Romney that have been overall positive. During the past few days, the media has speculated that there could be a place for Mitt Romney in the next Trump administration. The position could be none other the office of Secretary of State, a key position in the national security team of the future Trump administration. But this recent comment lowered the enthusiasm of some who were already seeing Mitt Romney settles in at State Department.

Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Supporters Would Feel Betrayed

The top Trump adviser was none other than Kellyanne Conway. She was the campaign manager for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and is one of the people that is influential in the transition team. This Sunday she said that Trump supporters would probably feel “betrayed” if Mitt Romney were to become the next Secretary of State. The former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney was a strong critic of Donald Trump during the Republican primaries. Also, he was critical of Trump and his comments during the presidential campaign. But he is favored by the Republican establishment. His nomination would quiet concerns that the President-elect is choosing nominees only from his close circle of supporters and advisers.

So far, Donald Trump hasn’t decided whether or not to make this concession to the Republican party. Kellyanne Conway believes that Trump supporters who voted for Donald Trump in the election would not like seeing a fierce Trump critic in the administration. The Cabinet position is one of the most powerful in the administration and from there, Mitt Romney could oppose Donald Trump.

Trump Team Not Behind Romney Nomination

The comment from Kellyanne Conway does not stand on its own. There has been a push recently from several Trump allies to try and stop the Romney nomination. The effort has been going on publicly. This has led some to speculate about whether or not Donald Trump is being earnest in his consideration of Mitt Romney.

Kellyanne Conway said that her comment does nothing more than reflect how Trump voters feel. She said that Mitt Romney had been “nothing but awful” to Donald Trump for an entire year. So, Trump supporters would not feel comfortable seeing him in a prominent position in the administration.

“People feel betrayed to think that Gov. Romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of Donald Trump, now our president-elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post of all,”

said Kellyanne Conway.

It is possible that Kellyanne Conway is not the only Trump top aide that is against the Romney nomination. Stephen K. Bannon is also said to be against it. Bannon is the controversial media executive of the conservative Breitbart News. He was instrumental in the campaign by identifying potential Trump supporters. He is going to be a White House senior adviser after Donald Trump becomes the next president.

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