Toyota will Release a Woodwork Concept for Milan Design Week

"Toyota will Release a Woodwork Concept for Milan Design Week "

The new car will be made entirely out of wood and it will also be outfitted with an age meter to track the car’s development from birth until its 100th birthday.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – The Japanese carmaker is about to release a new green concept, one that is sure to twist a few heads. According to a new report from the automotive maker, Toyota will release a woodwork concept for the Milan Design Week. Specs are currently unknown.

Toyota, known worldwide for its innovative approaches, has recently stated that it will be unveiling a new car concept during the Milan Design Week, set to start on the 11th of April. According to the carmaker, the new car model is something of a surprise. Instead of opting for a super light and cheap to make metal chassis, the Toyota’s latest car model is made entirely out of wood.

Dubbed Toyota Setsuna, the car is made entirely from scavenged material. The Japanese carmaker said that in Setsuna’s construction process, the engineers used only parts from dead trees. Thus, the new car concept is using various types of wood, like Japanese cedar the fabrication of the exterior panels or birch for the car’s frame.

But, according to Toyota, the Setsuna is something more than a car. Setsuna represents the embodiment of time – how it passes by us and what it leaves behind. Being made entirely out of wood, the car will be able to age alongside its owner. Moreover, Setsuna is even equipped with a so-called age meter, which tracks all the modification suffered by the vehicle from assembly line until its 100th birthday.

More on the novel car concept. Since the car’s body is constructed various types of wood, ranging from cedar to birch, its general appearance will heavily be influenced by outside factors like humidity and temperature. Furthermore, unlike traditional cars made out of metal alloys, this new car concept will have the capacity of actually reflecting the owner’s personality.

For example, if the owner takes good care of the car, it will be seen right away. Construction-wise, according to the Japanese car-builder, the different types of wood are joined using a traditional Japanese woodworking technique called okuriari. Using this ancient technique, carpenters were able to erect entire sections without using nails, bolts or screws.

Apart from the car’s dimensions, Toyota failed to disclose any details regarding the Setsuna’s technical capabilities. According to the car’s blueprints, the wood vehicle will be not much bigger that a regular boat, measuring roughly 3 meters from head to tail. Also, the car will have a width of 1480 mm and a height of 970 mm.

Furthermore, the entire concept will be powered up by an electrical drive, courtesy of Toyota’s latest research into alternative engines.

Photo credits:pixabay