Three VHHS Student Got Electrocuted by Overhead Power Cable

"Three VHHS Student Got Electrocuted by Overhead Power Cable"

Authorities are trying to establish how three high school students got in contact with a live power cable.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A K-12 High school from Vestavia, Alabama has begun an official investigation to determine how three students got electrocuted on the campus. According to the witnesses, the three students got electrocuted on the campus’s playing field after coming into contact with an overhead power cable.

The Vestavia Hill school officials, aided by the Police and local Fire Department have started an investigation to determine the fact that led to the injuring of three of its students.

According to the testimonies of Whit McGhee, the high school’s spokesperson, Garret Griffin, Grant Brown and Jack Graffeo, wanted to use the school’s practice field in order to train for the upcoming King of the Mountain Track Meet event.

On the high school’s multi-purpose field, the three students found a portable football field goal which impeded their training and so the three students proceeded to move the gate.

According to the witnesses, on Wednesday, at approximately 3:40 p.m., while moving the mobile football field goal, the three students came across a free live overhead power cable

Moments later, the three athletes collapsed after receiving a full burst of electricity from the power cord. The authorities who are currently investigating this affair declared that it is still unclear whether the overhead power cable was hanging closer to the ground than it should have.

After the three students had collapsed, the high school’s Emergency Action Plan sprang into action. Several coaches and trainers arrive to offer first aid to the three students.

The high school’s spokesperson said that the students received CPR and several jolts from the portable defibrillator.

Commenting on the event was Tyler Burgess, the high school’s principal. Doctor Burgess said that the school’s staff need a big pat on the back for their actions. He also added that the trainers arrived after 60 seconds to offer first aid while the ambulance came after 10 minutes.

The ambulance which arrived at the scene took the three students to the Children’s of Alabama hospital in order to receive specialized treatment.

According to the hospital’ staff, Griffin and Brown are awake and stable, while Graffeo is still in critical condition.

Jack Graffeo’s mother said that while his son is awake keeps asking what happened on the playing field but manages to follow directions.

Doctor Sheila Phillips, a superintendent, working at the high school, declared that counselors were dispatched in order to assist the people who witness the event.

Presently, the school’s board, together with the Fire and Police Departments are trying to determine how the three students got into contact with the live power cable.

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