There Is a Birth Control App Rapidly Gaining Popularity

birth control pills

There is a birth control app rapidly gaining popularity in the online medium. The app allows women to consult with a doctor online, get a prescription for birth control pills, and even get the medication delivered to their doorstep.

The birth control app that is gaining more and more popularity was designed with the comfort and safety of women in mind.

The basic idea of the app is to offer women the possibility of booking a doctor’s appointment without even having to leave their house. Women and even girls aged 14 and higher avoid booking an appointment due to lack of time or because they find it difficult to talk about birth control in front of a doctor.

That is why the new birth control app was created. To offer them the possibility of contacting a physician that will have a discussion with them, and prescribe them the right pills for their age, health, and general lifestyle.

All women have to do in order to use this app is to register online, fill out a questionnaire regarding their general health, their age, previous disorders, allergies, and sexual activity.

Then, they will be contacted by a physician that will either chat with them or engage in a video conference.

The professional advice the women receive is free of charge, and can make the difference between a safe sexually active life and an unwanted pregnancy.

However, the doctors involved in the program are advising their female patients to be wary of the fact that birth control pills are not effective when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, yeast infection, herpes, and others.

They are also warning the users of the birth control app that the medication is not 100 percent safe. There are certain pills or foods that may interact with the active components of the drug and render it useless. While those situations are fairly rare, the possibility of it happening is quite high.

“We think using telehealth and telemedicine to give access to birth control is the only way we can really do it,” declared Hans Gangeskar, the CEO and co-founder of NURX.

Users said that the app has improved communication between them and their doctor and made the access to the prescription pills much easier, reducing the possibility of a patient forgetting to refill their prescription, or scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Image source: Wikipedia