The Controversy Over Exercising During Pregnancy Solved

pregnant woman

The controversy surrounding exercising during pregnancy has been solved.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT- The controversy surrounding exercising during pregnancy has been solved. Apparently, physical activity does not increase the risk of premature delivery or the chances for a healthy pregnancy.

A multiple study review combated earlier fears about exercising and pregnancy. Women had feared that physical activity during pregnancy months could lead to pre-mature birth. However, the latest review compiles results from many random controlled trials, which are regarded as very effective studies.

A total of over 2,000 pregnant women took part in these trials. Half of them did physical activities. The other half did not.

Women who did aerobics for 35 to 90 minutes, 3 -4 times a week, had no elevated risk of pre-term delivery when compared to women who did not exercise. Moreover, women who did physical activity were less likely than non-exercising women to develop gestational diabetes or to have C-sections performed.

There are many other advantages of exercising during pregnancy. You get improved sleep, better preparation for child birth, and faster recovery after birth.

Another important observation is that women with pregnancy complications or those who were expecting twins or triplets were not included in this review, and recommendations for exercise may be different in these cases.

Women are usually wary of taking up exercise during pregnancy, because of the fear of not harming the fetus. Also, they are more tired and have lower energy levels. Evidence shows that a more active life, including regular exercises, could be mutually advantageous for the mother and the baby.

Gardening, dancing, swimming, aerobics, yoga or stretching are some of the activities which could be included in a weekly schedule.

The traditional point of view that pregnant women are advised to avoid exercise during pregnancy because of the risk for preterm birth has begun to change.Now, studies show that light-exercise can actually be beneficial for both mother and baby.

However, guidelines also recommend that women have to check with the doctor during pre-natal visits on what kind of exercises are safe. Even healthy women should check these details with her physician.

For usual pregnancies, the study recommended that women engage in 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercises per week.What’s your opinion on this subject? Would you exercise or not exercise? Leave a comment below!

Image Source – Pixabay