Thanksgiving Shooting Claims 2 Lives in Kentucky

Thanksgiving Shooting Claims 2 Lives in Kentucky

During a Kentucky annual football game on Thanksgiving Day, a shooting erupted in broad daylight. The tragic event took place Thursday afternoon. It led to the untimely deaths of two people and left four others wounded, according to the Louisville Metro Police.

The annual football game goes by the name of Juice Bowl among the locals. Every year, football fans, children, and parents fill Shawnee Park in large numbers.

Multiple Gunshots on the Field

The shooting occurred around two p.m. and Stephen Washburn was able to record the gunfire. At the time, he was streaming the event on Facebook. However, the footage doesn’t show the perpetrators. The Louisville Metro Police was able to count as many as 19 gunshots. Then, Mr. Washburn stopped recording.

Among the audience, the city mayor was also present for the main event. Moreover, he was only 200 yards away from the gunfire. However, the security was able to transport him to a safe place. He suffered no injury and is out of any danger.

Investigation Calls for FBI

In light of the recent events, FBI in now investigating the incident. Furthermore, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will also contribute.

After the shooting, the gunmen fled the scene. As of yet, they are still at large. The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) could not find any clear motive for the gunfire.

According to Mr. Dwight Mitchell, LMPD spokesman, four people are receiving medical care. Moreover, even though their condition is still a mystery, Mitchell is positive. According to the LMPD spokesman, they only suffered minor injuries.

Kentucky History in Relation to Violence and Victims’ Count

In the course of 2016, over 100 homicides have occurred in Kentucky. However, Mr. Dwight Mitchell manages to see the bright side of things in spite of the recent Thanksgiving events.

“It is a day to be thankful and we’re thankful that more people were not hurt”, says the LMPD spokesman.

The current Louisville homicide count is 106 deaths as of November 2016. This includes the people who lost their lives on Thanksgiving, as well. The elevated crime rate of today comes dangerously close to the Kentucky homicide record. In 1971, the LMPD were dealing with no less than 110 homicide cases.

The video recorded by Mr. Stephen Washburn depicts a heartbreaking sight with people running all over the place. Some of the attendees related to the victims were crying inconsolably while police officers were trying to maintain order. Even if they constantly tried to get past the police tape, their efforts were met with failure.

The Louisville Metro Police Department officers surrounded the scene and instructed the people to keep away. As a result, the football game continued in another area of the field.

Several hours after the incident, the mayor urged the locals to contact the police right away, if anybody had any information that could help. He did so via a twitter post where he also expresses his discontent with the perpetrators.

The Juice Bowl football game is a 50-year-old Thanksgiving tradition and carried on in spite of the horrific events. Greg Fischer, the Kentucky mayor says that the city has no place for those who “disrespect life” and tradition.
Image Source: Flickr