Texas Mom Guns Down Daughters in Family Dispute, Gets Killed By Police

Texas Rangers agents on a crime sceneBEACON TRANSCRIPTOn Friday evening, a Fort Bend County police officer shot dead a woman who had gunned down two of her daughters in a family argument. The father was in the family home at the moment of the incident and was left unharmed. He was taken to the hospital for medical assistance.

The police said that the mom shot down her adult daughters and managed to kill one instantly. The other one was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. From the Fulshear police’s Facebook page, we learned that the second daughter didn’t make it either.

The shooting occurred at a home along the 6000 block of Remson Hollow close to Fulshear around 17:00 local time. The police said that they were alerted by neighbors over shots being fired. One of responding officers said he first saw the bodies of two women outside a home in a middle-class neighborhood.

The other officer had to kill a third woman as she was wielding a handgun. Later the law enforcement agents learned that the suspect was the dead women’s mother.

The daughter who was still breathing when the police officers arrived at the scene was rushed by air ambulance to a nearby hospital. Doctors said that she could not be saved.

Police are currently investigating the motive behind the killings.

Sheriff Troy Nehls believes that the three women had engaged in a family dispute. But he acknowledged his office was still “trying to put the pieces together.”

The police had to seal off the street and the crime scene as neighbors started flocking there. One of the neighbors, Austin Enke, told investigators that he knew the family slightly but he did had one of the daughters in a class at Seven Lakes High School.

Enke said he couldn’t remember a stance when the women were depressed. He recalled that they were always cheerful. Plus, no one had a bad word to say about them either.

The Sheriff’s office couldn’t tell whether the shooting occurred inside the home and the bodies were draged outside or on the street. But police records unveiled that law enforcement officers had been dispatched to the home on several occasions. The Sheriff admitted that his agents had no idea why they were called there in the first place.

Nehls couldn’t sayl whether the mother pointed the gun at the law enforcement agents when they arrived at the scene.

The woman’s husband was distressed and was taken for a medical check out shortly after the shooting. He was in the house when the killings happened.

The Sheriff’s Office teamed up with other law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers and local police to get to the bottom of the case.

Image Source: Texasranger.org