Teen Injured by Exploding E-Cigarette

An electronic cigarette exploded in a teen's hands.

An electronic cigarette exploded in a teen’s hands.

BEACON TRANSCRIPTAn e-cigarette has exploded in the hands of a teenager at a shop, leaving permanent damage to his eyes, face and hands. Quite a controversial subject, the electronic cigarette has sparked many discussions regarding its utility in determining one to quit smoking tobacco. However, this case presents two other bizarre aspects: the explosion of an e-cigarette and the fact that a minor was able to handle it.

But how could this happen? It appears that fourteen-year-old Leor Domatov was in a Plaza Vapes kiosk and wanted to test an e-cigarette. The salesperson from the Plaza Mall in Brooklyn’s Kings Plaza Shopping Center, New York, had just connected the device to a battery from the story, according to PIX11. This determined the explosion of the electronic cigarette right in the hands of the boy, injuring his eyes, face, and hands.

According to the local and state laws, it is forbidden to sell such devices to minors, and thus, Domatov could not legally buy an e-cigarette. While the incident and his injuries pose serious questions about the safety of using the devices, the whole situation also raises an alarm as to how many electronic cigarettes are sold illegally to minors.

Domatov was left blind in one eye because he received a cut through his cornea. His father has hired Shapey, Lipsig, Moverman and Manus partner Marc Freund to sue both the mall and the owner of the kiosk. Freund has stated that

“Leor was being marketed at the entrance of the Kings Plaza Mall, a mall that caters to children, and they’re marketing these products, causing all these injuries.”

As reported by CBS New York, the boy has spent five days in hospital, after being maimed and blinded by an e-cigarette. But has Leor to say about all this? According to his statement, he went to the Plaza Vapes kiosk along with some friends. The vendor presented him several types of vaporizers. After connecting one of them to the store battery, he gave it to Leor who was subsequently injured by the explosion. Now, the boy has always to wear sunglasses, because the blow sent shrapnel into his eyes.

Domatov’s attorney has declared that Leor was not asked for his ID before being shown with the products. After the incident, the kiosk has posted a sign reading that all buyers must be over 21 and that everyone is first identified.

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