Ted Cruz Says Trump Must Fulfill Campaign Promises

Ted Cruz Says Trump Must Fulfill Campaign Promises

Senator Ted Cruz spoke this Sunday about the winner of the presidential election, Donald Trump. He also talked about the promises that Trump made during the campaign. The Republican senator from Texas said that the promises that Trump made during the campaign created expectations that need to be met. People are hoping for the next president to deliver on those promises. From jobs and the economy, to immigration and national security. The level of enthusiasm in America is high right now. Ted Cruz warned that the enthusiasm could turn into something else entirely if Donald Trump doesn’t deliver on his promises.

Ted Cruz Talks about Voter Expectations

In an interview on ABC, Cruz said that there could be “pitchforks and torches” in the streets of the United States if those who voted for Donald Trump see their hopes shattered. The momentum of Trump’s victory continues and those who feel like winners in America right now expect to see major changes from the president they voted for. So, Trump supporters are simply not going to let go of their expectations from the White House.

“I think people are so fed up with Washington, this election was a mandate with change and the most catastrophic thing Republicans could do is go back to business as usual,”

said Ted Cruz.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz was asking Cruz about whether or not he feels that Donald Trump is singing a different tune from the campaign. Ted Cruz replied by saying that there are a lot of expectations from the Republican Party. With the White House and a majority in Congress, the Republican Party has everything to make their political agenda a reality. Cruz was saying that there comes a lot of responsibility with having such a strong political position.

Donald Trump Uses a More Moderate Approach

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has adopted a more moderate tone. Some of the issues that were the main talking points of his presidential campaign are not a priority anymore. During the campaign, he repeatedly said that if elected the next president of the United States, he was going to repeal Obamacare. Now, he is saying that he might keep in place certain parts of the federal health law.

Another campaign promise was bringing back enhanced interrogation techniques. Now, he has signaled that he is not going to authorize torturing terror suspects. Also, he has become more moderate on climate change. During the campaign, he had said that “global warming” was a hoax and that he doesn’t believe in it. Now, he has reluctantly acknowledged that there might be “some connectivity” between human activity and climate change.

During one of the presidential debates, Donald Trump said that if he is going to win he is going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. The investigation was going to look into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State as well as the finances of the Clinton Foundation. Trump has now taken back that campaign promise. He has said that there will be no investigation of Hillary Clinton.

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