Superhero Funeral for School Shooting Victim

Superhero Funeral for School Shooting Victim

On Wednesday, October 5, in Townville, South Carolina a boy just fourteen years old killed his own father. Then he drove to Townville Elementary School and fired on two children and a teacher as recess began. Jacob Hall, one of the children, died this Saturday.

This Wednesday was the funeral for the school shooting victim. Jacob was just six years old. So his family thought to dress him as Batman for his funeral. There was a superheroes theme to the funeral, to honor the life of Jacob Hall. The boy, like all kids his age, was a fan of comic books and superheroes.

Superhero Funeral for Jacob Hall

Over 1,000 mourners showed up at the funeral for Jacob Hall. Many of them were dressed as superhero characters. The mother of the first-grader wore a costume from Batman as well. She wore a Robin costume. Jacob’s mother was distraught as she was trying to hold back the tears.

The family wanted to celebrate Jacob’s life. So they made this request for people to attend the ceremony dressed as superheroes. These were the characters that Jacob loved, his favorite superheroes. There were Captain America and Wonder Woman costumes, Superman and Supergirl, the Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers. Jacob’s teachers came dressed as Ninja Turtles. They wore handmade blue capes with Jacob’s name and had Ninja Turtle faces.

Jacob used to spend time pretending he was a superhero. He loved being the good guy in the story, recalled Rev. David Blizzard during the ceremony. Then, the reverend encouraged those present to find it in their hearts to forgive the 14 year old boy responsible for the shooting. Jacob’s mother, Renae Hall had told the reverend that Jacob would probably want them to forgive.

Rev. David Blizzard said that superhero stories were about good versus evil. “The good always wins”, he said. “We live in a dark world, but the good’s going to win”.

The School Shooting

Jacob Hall died from a bullet that hit the main artery of his thigh. He passed away on Saturday in hospital. The authorities say that the 14 year old shooter first killed his own father then drove to the school. Once at Townville Elementary School he opened fire. Bullets hit Jacob’s first-grade teacher and one of his classmates as well. The two were treated and released from hospital. The teenager will be charged with murder as well as attempted murder and weapons possession.

Students are going to go back to Townville Elementary on Thursday. The other five schools in the district are also going to honor Jacob Hall in their own way. The five schools are going to participate in Superhero Day. On that day, all employees and the students are invited to come to school wearing a superhero costume. A Facebook page was created for Superhero Day. It said that schools across the state of South Carolina were going to participate. Some schools won’t be able to participate though. In central and coastal South Carolina some schools are closed on account of Hurricane Matthew.

Also, District Superintendent Joanne Avery announced that there would be a moment of silence on Wednesday at 1:42 p.m. It will mark exactly one week since the school shooting.

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