Summer Tips For Keeping Skin Fresh

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Here are a few summer tips for keeping your skin fresh.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Summer is officially here and the sunlight isn’t always your best friend. With recent doctor warnings about skin cancer, wrinkles or saggy skin, it’s best to protect your face from harmful ultraviolets. Here are a few summer tips for keeping your skin fresh and enjoying a burn-free vacation:

  1. Wear sunscreen! Putting on sunscreen should be done all year round, but in summer you simply can’t leave home without it. According to experts, the optimum dose of sunscreen for the whole body should be enough to fill a shot glass.
  2. Protect your lips! Many people forget about dabbing lip balm on the lips, which helps to keep them moist. If the product also has an SPF of 15, this makes it ideal for use.
  3. Keep hydrated! Water is very important during the hot summer months. Make sure you drink enough water and take advantage of seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole or as smoothies.
  4. Self-tan!? If you just can’t imagine the summer without getting a tan, skip baking in the sun for days and choose self-tanners which provide great results and don’t do damage to your skin. They work by stimulating the skin’s production of D vitamin, which in turn gives it a nice, amber color.
  5. Exfoliate! If you want to have a perfect complexion, you should use gentle exfoliating gels daily to brush off dead skin cells, keep the pores clean and give you a nice glow, even during hotter days. Don’t forget to wipe make-up off before going to sleep.
  6. Rinse with cold water, to revive your face!
  7. Wearing sunglasses helps, too!
  8. Working up a sweat is still recommended in summer since it increases circulation, eliminates toxic substances and gives a healthy glow.
  9. Make sure you get your timing right! The best time to get out of the house is before ten am and after 4 pm. These are the periods of time with less harmful UV rays.

Doctors warn of the dangers of skin cancer, and say there’s no such thing as a „healthy tan”. Tanning beds only make matters worse, as they expose young people to a cocktail of harmful rays which take their toll on the skin. To read more on skin cancer, click here.

Image Source – Pixabay