Students Chanted Racist Message at Basketball Game

"Students Chanted Anti-Semitic Message at Basketball Game"

A group of students from the Catholic Memorial High School started chanting “You killed Jesus” against Jewish students.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Two US high schools, went through some tense moments when a group of student began to chant racist messages. At the annual basketball game hosted by Newton North High School, a group of students from the Catholic Memorial High School started shouting “You Killed Jesus” before the Jewish students.

Well, the “boys will be boys” adage might be partially correct, but when it comes to discrimination, it would seem that things take a whole new meaning.

Recently, two high school from the United States went through some pretty tense moments when a group of student taunted a group of Jewish students, chanting out loud racist messages like “You Killed Jesus”.

Peter Nolan, Catholic Memorial’s president, said that the student’s conduct was unacceptable and that the students involved in this incident must immediately apologize to the offended students. Thus, the students from Catholic Memorial were forced to apologize to the students from Newton High School for their hate message.

When asked what prompted this display of racial hatred, both Nolan and Davin Fleischman, the superintendent of Newton high school, said that the anti-Semitic demonstration was a direct response to another taunt formulated by the students from Newton High.

According to several witness, during the basketball game which was hosted by the second high school, a group of boys from Newton referred to the students from Catholic Memorial as being a “sausage festival”. Of course, they were referring to the fact that the Catholic Memorial had more male students than female students.

When contacted about the incident, Fleischman said that the incident was pretty disturbing and upsetting for him and his students.

Of course, after the incident, the Anti-Defamation League was called. Its representatives said that they would talk with the student who chanted the racist messages.

After this unfortunate accident, the game went on without any more incidents. Moreover, the Catholic Memorial’s team beat Newton’s team with 4 points to spare, the final score being 77 to 73.

According to the recent news, this was the third incident this month involving hate messages. In early February, a high school from Dallas started to shout out Trump’s name after losing to a team comprised of Hispanic students.

Furthermore, another group of student thought it was kind of fun to taunt the Bishop Noll Institute by displaying an enormous Trump face while chanting something about building the wall.

As far as high schoolers are concerned, the boards are doing everything they can in order to educate their students on the danger of hate speeches.