Still No Fix for iOS 9.3 Hang-up Issue

"Still No Fix for iOS 9.3 Hang-up Issue"

Apple has yet to release a patch for the 9.3 freeze and crash issue.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – As more and more users complain about the iOS 9.3 hang-up/ freeze issue, Apple support said its engineers are currently working to fix the problem. However, no timetable was set for the release of the patch and no one knows for sure how many devices were affected by the problem.

Here’s the latest scuttlebutt on the iOS 9.3 problem. For those of you who either don’t have an iPhone or just don’t care, some Apple users reported after the launch of iOS 9.3 some freeze/ hang-up problem.

More specifically, users who’ve tried to open hyperlinks in browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, or in Mail or Messages discovered that the application became laggy and eventually crash. Moreover, it would seem that iOS 9.3 users didn’t only experience the problem.

According to the complaints received by Apple’s customer service, it appears that even Apple handsets running version 9.2 of iOS. Each time, the problem was the same: when the user clicked on an embedded link, the OS would simply freeze and crash.

Moreover, it would also seem that those updating their system from iOS 9.2 to the newer version of the OS had to deal with another issue. According to some users, while upgrading from 9.2 to 9.3, the software prohibited older handset users from completing the activation process, thus transforming the device into a veritable paperweight.

The software engineers declared that the hang-up problem must be with the OS itself and are currently working on a way to mend the problem. However, Apple didn’t say anything about when the problem will be patched.

In the meantime, users experiencing the problems mentioned above could search different forums for fixes. It would seem that the most general fix out there refers to turning off the JavaScript function.

Many users have reported that after turning off the Script features, their handsets no longer experience the freeze/crash issue. To do that, head on over to Settings, tap on Safari and search for the advanced tab.

At the end of the section, you should be able to see an option called “Turn off JavaScript.” Tap on the function, and restart the browser. Another fix you could try is to press long a link. But, according to various users, this solution only works in Google Chrome, and it doesn’t work all the time.

So, if you’ve bought a device running iOS 9.3, you could try one of the solutions mentioned above. On the other hand, if you’re still running 9.2, it would be a better idea to sit this one out, until Apple finds a way to patch the issue.

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