Sony Will Target Eastern States and Europe

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Sony will target the Middle East, Europe and East Asia to market its products

BEACON TRANSCRIPT- Sony will target the Middle East, Europe and East Asia to market its products, according to secret investment slides obtained from an investment event in Japan. The company expects the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America to continue generating growth and profits. The business is expected to be downsized in the USA, Brazil, China or India.

The new line of Sony Xperia X products has generated disinterest and apathy, contrary to the expected results. Reviews criticize the high-price for an otherwise good looking and moving flagship phone from Sony Xperia. The Xperia X line was announced in February, but so far it has met criticism because of the low added value of the phones.

While the competition is busy inventing new gadgets, functions, and apps, to keep on top of each other, Sony has not added anything significant, other than price. For example, Samsung takes pride in the cameras they make for their gadgets, while HTC boasts the high-quality software.

The Xperia X Performance is a good flagship phone. It features a Snapdragon 820 quad-core processing unit, with 3GB RAM. The phone runs well and it has a 5-inch display, with LCD and IPS,  and a 23-megapixel camera on the back, a micro SD slot which can take cards with up to 200 GB, and let’s not forget the initial storage, which has 32 GB.

The smart phone comes with a lightweight Android skin and is designed to be water resistant. The gadget has flagship performance, but the price is still too high for these specifications. The device comes with a camera that’s shaky at times and it overheats. Lacking common features such as an extra vent or anti –shaking technology, this Xperia X performance looks good but is overpriced.

Other drawbacks that Sony Xperia X has are low battery life, with only 8 hours of intensive using available, and the low screen resolution, of only 1080 pixels, compared to the gold standard of 4K.

So far, Sony gave some really good smart phones to the market, with high-quality software and good resolutions. But somehow now, it seems to have fallen behind with the competition. It looks like the market is shifting towards Chinese devices, which offer more value for your money. This is probably one of the reasons Sony will target less developed countries from now on.

Image Source – YouTube