Smart Tampons Will Make Your Period Easier


Regular tampons will soon be a thing of the past.

The crimson river, Santa’s visit, that time of the month, there are plenty of descriptions for menstruation. However, no matter what you call it, it causes the same problems to women everywhere, but now, smart tampons will make your periods easier. At least that’s what their creators say.

The new device is called my.Flow and it operates via a Bluetooth connection. The smart tampons will make your period easier in the sense that the app that is connected to the sensor will tell you when you should change your feminine hygiene product, when your blood flow will be more abundant, and when your period will start.

“The tampon itself looks like any other tampon, complete with a plastic applicator. There’s no circuitry inside, so in that sense, it’s dumber than its name implies. Instead, an insulated (and very long) string connects to a small sensor that the wearer clips onto her underwear or waistband,” Engadget reported.

The wearable was created as a class assignment for an engineering class. The two creators are currently seeking funds to turn their small invention into a product sold on the market. The question is, will women actually want to buy the new smart tampons?

Most of the females that wrote about this new conception don’t see themselves using it on an everyday basis. Their decision is closely related to the fact that all of the things that the creators promise to the public are strictly tied to the idea of common sense.

If you need an app to tell you to change your tampon, maybe somebody will soon invent one that will remind you to take a shower, empty your bowels, or even breathe. There is already an app on the market that instructs people to drink water and eat on a regular basis.

Moreover, the two engineering students are trying to change the color of the liquid used in pad commercials from blue to purple. They declared that they wanted to use crimson, but “didn’t want to alienate anyone.”

They are claiming that smart tampons will make your life easier by prompting you with messages like “According to the sensor data, your blood flow was heavier this morning. Have you considered changing your tampon?”

While it may be a good application for young girls who are just getting the hang of the whole “menses problem”, older women are able to change their tampon without getting a notification on their phone.

Image source: Wikipedia