Sleep Deprivation can leave you with the Munchies

"Sleep Deprivation can leave you with the Munchies"

Sleep deprivation and junk food can have the same effect as pot.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – A new study found a strong link between sleep issues, overeating and weight gain. According to this study, sleep deprivation can leave you with the munchies, triggering the same cannabinoid receptors in your brain as marijuana.

Now, we all know that feeling we get if we didn’t sleep enough or if we have trouble falling asleep. It’s just a case of insomnia; better stay on top of it until it goes away. And what’s the best way to get rid of any bad dreams and insomnia? How about a warm glass of milk accompanied by some Cheetos and crackers and maybe some nachos with a little bit of sauce.

Well, it seems that our midnight food-related escapades have something to do with our weight problems. And it all boils down one simple equation: trouble falling asleep? Then one more hour of staying awake costs you approximately 15 calories which you can get from basically anything. But an empty bag of chips means that you’ve eaten more calories than you can burn off.

Now, on to the sciency part. The team of scientists who has conducted this sleep-related study wanted to see if there is any link between sleep quality and food quality.

And so, the team of researchers invited 14 volunteers to participate in a sleep study. All the volunteers had ages between 18 and 30 years, and none of them had previous sleep-related issues.

The members were split into two groups: the first group was allowed to get a good night’s sleep (circa 8-8.5 hours) while the other group sleep deprived (interrupted sleep, approximately 4.5 hours).

This treatment continued for the next four nights. After the sleep was over, the participants received two meals and had unrestricted access to either healthy snacks or junk food.

Keep in mind that the scientists were continuously monitoring the level of endocannabinoids in their blood. At the end of the study, the researchers found out that once the ban on snack was over, the participants who were kept awake ate twice as many unhealthy snacks than those who had a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, upon taking a closer look at the level of endocannabinoids, the team has discovered that snacks consumed due to sleep issues open up the same receptors as marijuana or cannabis.

Although the research project was small, it managed to demonstrate the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially if someone already has weigh-related issues.

In conclusion, sleep deprivation can leave you with the munchies and the munchies can nix your dream of wearing that new bathing suit this summer.

Photo credits:pexels