Missing Calif. Jogger Sherri Papini Returns Home After Being Abducted

Missing Calif. Jogger Sherri Papini Returns Home After Being Abducted

34-year-old Sherri Papini went missing three weeks ago, in northern California, while jogging. A driver spotted her on the side of a road Thursday morning. Papini was last seen on the Mountain Gate trial, but the driver found her about 140 miles away, in Yolo County, California.

“She has been reunited with her husband”, says the Shasta County Sheriff, Tom Bosenko.

Sherri Papini is now receiving medical care. However, the Sheriff’s department does not name the health facility, since the suspects have not been yet identified. Papini told in a statement that the abductors used restraints to hold her captive but she managed to free herself and return home.

Sherri Papini’s Sudden Disappearance

On November 2nd , Sherri Papini, a mother of two, disappeared from a mile away from her home while jogging. Her husband, Keith Papini, started to search for her after he realized that the kids were also missing. Fortunately, the children were in daycare at the time. Keith was able to locate his wife’s phone on the jogging trail near their home, along with a pair of earbuds and a few strands of hair. This was also the only lead for the police.

Neighbors told the police officers that they last saw Sherri in the early afternoon, November 2nd. At the time, she was wearing a jogging suit with a pink top.

Sherri Papini’s Escape

Sheriff Tom Bosenko said in a press conference that the young woman was able to release herself from the restraints. Then, she made her way to a nearby road where a driver spotted her and ultimately rescued Papini.

The Shasta County Sherrif gave no additional details about her condition. However, he says that he only suffered minor injuries and is out of danger in medical care.

Police Activity

The Sheriff’s department is now searching for Sherri Papini’s abductors. The investigation focuses on a black SUV. Furthermore, the main suspects are two Hispanic women. Tom Bosenko advises caution to anyone who might come in contact with them. He fears that the perpetrators could carry firearms, as well. Also, to speed up the process, the Sheriff’s department is offering a $50,000 reward for any useful information that can lead to Sherri Papini abductors’ arrest.

Initially, the police officers turned to Keith Papini when they learned about his wife’s sudden disappearance. However, he passed the lie-detector test and the Shasta County officials were able to confirm his story.

Furthermore, no motive is clear as to why anyone would have wanted to abduct Sherri Papini. She is the mother of two children with ages from two to four years old. The family is also working with a private group of investigators. They believe that this way, the officers will be able to apprehend the captors and ultimately put them behind bars.

The news of Sherri Papini’s disappearance gained national interest soon after the case went into public view. Prior to her safe return, over 400 people gave tips to the police regarding the abduction.
Image Source: Flickr