Sharing Tweets Privately with New Button on Twitter


Twitter has just added a new button for sharing tweets privately.

Twitter has introduced a new message button, meant to allow users to share their personal tweets in a private way with their peers. Both Android and iOS users have access to the feature starting today.

You should be already able to see the new feature on the Twitter website. The concept is simple: sharing tweets directly via Direct Message. In this way, you can also start various conversations. According to the Twitter product manager Somas Thyagaraja, users of the social media platform can now send unique content from their timelines to private conversations. So what is the reasoning behind this change?

According to Twitter, the Direct Messages feature is extensively used by millions of users to communicate and share content with their friends, family, brands, and others. As a result, the new button will enable an easier access when sending private information on the social media platform.

If we take a look at the numbers, it appears that people have been sending sixty percent more messages in 2015 as compared with other years. As for private tweets, the users have been sharing these at a staggering two hundred percent rate in the second half of last year. The immense usage of private messaging was the one that determined the company to facilitate the access to sharing content privately, as well as speed it up a bit. The idea was also sparked by a couple of Twitter users who suggested the utility of Direct Message for sharing tweets.

Before the introduction of the new button, people had to either tap the “••• More” link beneath a tweet if using a desktop browser or long-press the specific tweet they wanted to share in the mobile application of the platform. Next, they had to select the option named “Share via Direct Message”. The new button makes the option both more visible and quicker, thus simplifying our lives. But how does the button work?

First of all, you will have to update your Twitter app from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play store for Android devices. Next, you will have to zone-in on the specific tweet you wish to send. After clicking on the envelope icon located below the tweet, you will be able to select either the individual or the group you want to share the content with. You are also presented with the option of adding a comment, but nevertheless, you can simply send the tweet.

While the option is available on the mobile app, it has yet to be added to the desktop browser version of the social media platform.

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