Sex Fears: No Condoms for Hot Women

colored condoms basket

Men and women have different sex fears.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – So far, society hasn’t done much to encourage open, healthy sex conversations. One of the main fear factors for sexually active people is the unknown. Men and women have different sex fears. Women tend to be afraid of not having an orgasm, or, even worse, of their partner not accepting a refuse.  Men, however, are anxious about their penis size or premature ejaculation.

Superdrug has done a very informative survey on sexual concerns. The survey also found that men prefer not to use condoms with sexy women. Check out the list to see if you discover your sexual fears.

Number one on the list is the fear that your partner might have a sexually transmitted disease. Although this fear is sometimes blown out of proportion, people with ages between 15 and 25 are most exposed to STDs.  If worn correctly, the condom is 98% of times effective in stopping STD transmission and preventing pregnancy. Or you could try to have a sincere conversation with your partner.

The second sex fear is the thought that the condom could break. This is one of the scariest things that can happen during sex. This fear seems out of proportion too, as only 0.4% of condoms actually break, meaning four break in every thousand. Some tips to prevent them from breaking are: using lube, storing the condoms properly, and checking the expiration date. Of course, using the condom correctly helps too.

The third fear has to do with your partner finding you unattractive when seeing you naked. Nowadays, even young children have started having body image issues. It may be because we live in a world full of non-realistic images. A tip for overcoming your body fears would be to get naked in front of a mirror in order to adjust more easily to your body.

Fear number four has to do with your partner not experiencing an orgasm. Studies show that men have more orgasms than women.  If you want to achieve orgasm equality, try giving instructions to your partner.

Some people fear they are not good at sex. The fifth fear can be solved through communication, so at least you know where you went wrong.

Other sex fears have to do with embarrassing bodily functions happening during sex, a partner forcing you to do things you disagree with, or inexperience in bed. Body hair ranks number 10 on the list, so it’s not as important as some may think. It is probably a matter of personal choice and finding an open-minded partner.

Image Source – Flickr