Scientific Paper Quoted God as Factor

"Scientific Paper Quoted God as Factor "

A paper published in the PLOS One online journal argued that the human hand conforms with God’s design.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Although we, as a society, have evolved to a point where we can quickly discard any supernatural intervention in nature, it seems that there are a few among us who would base entire theories upon the Hand of God. Recently, a scientific paper quoted God as a factor, for a theory regarding the biomechanical evolution of the human hands.

One could say that the scientific community isn’t so fond of religion. Even Stephen Hawking said in a press interview that God is just an aberration of the human mind, a figment of our collective imagination. Moreover, the senior physicist also encouraged many US schools to drop religions from their curriculum, arguing that school should rather concentrate on facts.

As the whole country is stirring over the Hand of God vs. Science debate, it would seem that there are a couple of scientific minds who tend to believe that God can be used as a foundation for many scientific theories.

There is one incident that managed to stir the whole scientific community. Not very long ago, the PLOS One, a prestigious scientific journal published a work on the evolution of the human hand. The work was called:

“Biomechanical Characteristics of Hand Coordination in Grasping Activities of Daily Living.”

The title would suggest a very rigorous and passionless approach to the theory of evolution, specifically how human hands evolved to the point where it could grasp objects. But upon reviewing the paper, the reader would find itself in front of an argument that seems somehow misplaced.

When discussing the muscles involved in hand movement, the author(s,) of the study declared that our hands can hold object thanks to the ingenuity of the Creator. Moreover, it would seem that this was not an isolated event. The authors were attributing several another phenomenon to God’s handiwork.

Naturally, this approach stirred rage among the scientific community. Moreover, several scientists declared that the paper was a sham and accused the authors of religious superstition.

Furthermore, one reader wrote PLOS One’s editorial board a letter in which he stated that he will cancel his subscription because the journal is now promoting religion-based absurdities.

Besieged by several complaints from the various scientific circles, the publication had no choice but to retract the so-called scientific article and to convey their formal apologies in an open letter addressed to its subscribers.

In this letter, the publication said that some aspects of the report were not submitted to rigorous evaluation. Moreover, in this letter, the paper also disclosed the names of the scientists who wrote the article. According to PLOS One, three of the authors were from the Huazhong University and one of them Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The debate whether or not God is out there still rages on, with solid arguments on both sides.

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