Sanders and Warren Campaign Together for Clinton

Sanders and Warren Campaign Together for Clinton

The election is on November 8 and with little time until then, the candidates are using their best strategies during their campaign. The Democrats have a roster of political endorsements for their candidate, Hillary Clinton. She has the support of the current president, Barack Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama. Her family, Bill and Chelsea Clinton campaign for her.

Also, her former opponents from the primary election have given Hillary Clinton their support. The Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders and the Senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren support Hillary Clinton for president. Sanders and Warren are going to campaign together for Hillary Clinton this Sunday in Denver, Colorado.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to Campaign in Denver

Hillary Clinton can count on the support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Both politicians have campaigned for Clinton at separate events. Now, Sanders and Warren are going to share the stage as they speak in support of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Both senators enjoy tremendous support with voters from the primary race. Progressive voters respond particularly well to messages from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. As Hillary Clinton needs those votes to win, the Clinton camp is keen to have the two speak in favor of their candidate.

Displaying party loyalty as well as personal conviction, Sanders and Warren are doing their best on the campaign trail to make sure Clinton wins. At the same time, they are doing their best to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get to be the next president of the United States. Both senators have said on different occasions that Trump would be a disaster for the country. Bernie Sanders spoke about the upcoming event in Denver and what he sets out to do there. He said that he will try “to make the case to the progressive community that it is absolutely imperative for Donald Trump to be defeated.”

Bernie Sanders Asking for Support for the Democratic Platform

Bernie Sanders goes to Denver to achieve more than just one political goal. Also on the senator’s mind is the Democratic platform that the party adopted at the convention. Sanders wants progressives to focus and to not lose sight of what they set out to do in Philadelphia in July. He wants the Democrat side of the political aisle to start implementing the platform “the day after the election”. Bernie Sanders was the runner-up in the primary race and many Democrat voters still support his ideas for the country. The senator will be speaking to them to get their support for Clinton and for the Democrat political platform as well.

Party platforms don’t always make their way to government. They are very useful during the campaign but are easily forgotten after the election is over. This year, Bernie Sanders isn’t going to let that happen. The senator has put a lot of his own ideas into the Democratic platform. He has tried to make the Democrat party go a little bit more to the left on issues like taxation, the federal minimum wage, college tuition fees and the environment. The Vermont senator hopes that at least some these ideas will become policy.

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