Rudy Giuliani Could Be New Secretary of State

Rudy Giuliani Could Be New Secretary of State

A senior official from the Trump transition team says that Rudy Giuliani could have a prominent role in the future Trump administration. The news is that, before the election, the former Mayor of New York City was considered for the position of Secretary of State. Giuliani is still the favorite and stands a good chance of receiving the nomination.

Rudy Giuliani was one of the main supporters of Donald Trump during the presidential race. He campaigned vigorously for the candidate and supported him throughout the controversies that overshadowed the campaign. He is also a long-time Republican.

Rudy Giuliani on a Very Short List

The senior official from the transition team said that there was little competition for the position of Secretary of State. In his opinion, Rudy Giuliani could have the job if he asked for it. However, another official said that there was another name in the competition for the job. The other option for Secretary of State is John Bolton. He used to be a United States ambassador to the United Nations.

There were rumors that Rudy Giuliani could be the next attorney general. Many see Giuliani, who used to be a federal prosecutor, as a good choice for the Justice Department position. The former New York Mayor would be a good fit for the role of attorney general. But Giuliani himself dismissed those rumors recently at a Washington event. He said that he “won’t be attorney general” in the future Trump administration.

Asked for his opinion about John Bolton, he said that the former ambassador would make “a very good choice” for the office of Secretary of State. But when asked if there could be someone better, he threw his own name in.

“Maybe me, I don’t know,”

said Rudy Giuliani.

A Different Secretary of State

During the Washington event, Rudy Giuliani spoke about several issues that are key for the future Trump administration. His words gave some clues regarding how he sees foreign policy and the role of the United States in the world.

According to Giuliani, the number one foreign policy priority for the Trump administration is going to be defeating ISIS. Donald Trump has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that the United States should be taking on the terror group decisively. But Giuliani did not go into details about how that would happen.

The former New York Mayor also talked about Russia’s increasing power and influence on the world stage. He appeared prepared to take a strong stand when it came to Russia.

“Russia thinks it’s a military competitor, it really isn’t. It’s our unwillingness under Obama to even threaten the use of our military that makes Russia so powerful,”

said Rudy Giuliani.

If he gets the job of Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani is going to be an atypical appointment. He lacks extensive foreign policy experience and that could be an issue leading the State Department. Giuliani is known for holding hard-line views and having a brusque manner. He would set a different tone than his predecessors, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and even Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.

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