Republicans Keep Control of the Senate

Republicans Keep Control of the Senate

Republicans have clinched the victory in the battle for the Senate. As presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is headed towards a win for the White House, Senate Republicans have kept their majority in the Senate intact. The political landscape appeared to be favorable to the Democrats, and the Democratic party had hopes of taking back the Senate. But results at the polls show that voters chose the Republican candidates down-ballot as well. With Donald Trump in the White House and a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Republican party is the big winner of this election.

Republicans Retain Their Majority in the Senate

The outcome for Senate Republicans is undoubtedly a positive one. The Republicans are going to be in control over Supreme Court nominations for several years to come from now on. This was an issue that the conservative base of the GOP cared deeply about.

The outlook for Congress in 2018 looks favorable to the Republicans as well. They will be playing a favorable map two years from now. Taking that into account, the Republicans could be working towards a majority that will last well into the next decade. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going to go down in the history of the Republican party as one of the most successful leaders the Republicans have had in years. On the other side of the political aisle, the Democrats are lamenting their lack of success in the 2016 political race. Minority Leader Harry Reid has seen his hopes for a Democratic majority in the Senate crushed by Republican opponents.

Republican Candidates Win Big in the Senate and the House

In states like North Carolina and Wisconsin, GOP incumbents scored huge victories. Republicans kept their seats in Ohio and Florida as well. Also, the Republican candidates are enjoying a big lead in Missouri. With the electoral map looking good for Republicans, the 115th Congress is going to start with a majority in the Senate for the Republican party.

Another surprising outcome that defied expectations based on polls was the result in the state of Pennsylvania. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey came out ahead of his opponent Democrat Katie McGinty by 25,000 votes.

New Hampshire was a very close race from the beginning of the campaign. The incumbent GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte went up against Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan. At the moment, the race is too close to call and there is the possibility of a recount. Democrats say that turnout for the key county of Durham was higher than in 2012. But, what the final result will be in the New Hampshire race remains to be seen. Ayotte currently leads by less than half a percentage point. So far, four-fifths of the precincts have reported.

In Arizona, GOP Sen. John McCain won the Senate race. He successfully defended his seat from Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

The success of the GOP extended to the House of Representatives. With significant wins in the House as well, Republicans made sure that they are going to have full control over Capitol Hill. The Democrats were hoping to pick up at least a dozen seats in the House. But Republican voters that showed up at the polls to support Donald J. Trump voted for a straight Republican ticket.