Protect Yourself from Lyme Disease

tick on a leaf

bites. To protect yourself from Lyme disease, you need to look out for mice or ticks.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – Lyme disease is an inflammatory sickness that spreads through infected mice or tick bites. To protect yourself from Lyme disease, you need to look out for mice or ticks, which are very common in grassy areas, especially in summer. The disease is easiest to treat a few days after infection. Lyme can include symptoms like a red bull’s eye rash, even though almost half of infections don’t have it.

With the current climate change, Lyme disease appears to be spreading faster. Katharine Walter, graduate from Yale University, believes that as climate is getting warmer, ticks hatch sooner and insects grow faster. Many people ignore the dangers of bug bites, even though they are at risk.

To lessen our chances of getting a bite, we should avoid grassy or wooded areas in summer because these are two locations where ticks thrive.

If a tick bites you, the safest thing to do is use fine tip tweezers and remove the tick. Wearing long sleeves and pants also helps, if you are walking through the woods. If you are with a friend, it’s recommended that you brush off any ticks immediately after noticing them.

Smothering or burning ticks is not recommended anymore. If you pass by a doctor’s office and have a tick on you, you should get a Xylocaine shot, and the tick should crawl away. The first cases of the Lyme Disease have appeared in a suburb near Lyme Connecticut, hence the name. Since 1976, there’s been an increase in the reporting of Lyme disease. The condition can sometimes be life threatening.

That’s why it’s important to prevent tick bites and remove ticks immediately. Lyme disease mimics other 350 distinct diseases. It damages the endocrine and nervous systems and is often misdiagnosed.

Most cases of Lyme disease can be successfully treated through a course of 14 days of antibiotics. As with most diseases, it’s better to try to prevent it, than to regret you have it.

In the last decade, the diagnostics for Lyme disease skyrocketed, it has been found in every state except Hawaii. Apparently, some of the riskiest states to get a dangerous tick bite are Maine, Midwestern states and North-Eastern states.

In certain states, diagnoses of the disease have gone up dramatically, while rates have gone up by 8% across the U.S, over the last ten years. So remember to adequately protect yourself from tick bites!

Image Source – Wikipedia