Police Shooting Aftermath Live on Facebook

Police Shooting Aftermath Live on Facebook

St. Paul, Minneapolis Prosecutors have reached a verdict in the case of Jeronimo Yanez. Earlier this year, in July, a police officer shot and killed Philando Castile. This happened shortly after the driver told Yanez he was carrying a gun. However, he also had a gun license. Racial-based police shooting incidents occur increasingly frequent as of recent years.

The Philando Castile manslaughter case is no different. More troubling is the fact that his girlfriend witnessed the whole incident. 40 seconds later, she was live streaming and everybody on Facebook was able to see the police shooting aftermath.

Events Leading Up to the Police Shooting Incident

On 6th of July at 9 p.m. local time, Jeronimo Yanes pulls Philando Castille over on a robbery suspicion. “He had no involvement in the robbery”, says County Attorney John Choi. Next, Castile informs the officer of the firearm he is carrying, as well as the gun permit. At this moment, Yanez panics and places his hand on the gun, instructing Castile not to reach for his. When Philando Castile wants to respond, the police officer interrupts him, saying “don’t pull it out!”.

In spite of both Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend and the latter’s words of reassurement, Yanes draws his guns and starts shooting. The other police officer present on the scene says that he saw no sudden moves that could have triggered such a reaction in Yanez.

However, paramedics were not able to do anything for Castile. Ultimately, he loses his life in this unfortunate turn of events. Upon further investigation, police found Castile’s wallet with both his driver’s license as well as the gun permit. He was indeed carrying a firearm when the police shooting went down. However, there was no round in the chamber.

Jeronimo Yanez Police Shooting Aftermath

Police officer, Jeronima Yanez has been accused of second-degree manslaughter and awaits his trial. If the jury finds him guilty, he could spend his next ten years behind bars.

“No reasonable officer, knowing, seeing, and hearing what officer Yanes did at the time would’ve used deadly force under these circumstances”, says John Choi.

Tom Kelly, Jernonimo Yanez’s attorney says that he was reacting to the presence of a gun in self-defense. However, prosecutors believe that Castile never tried to pull his handgun from the holster. Yanez bases his defense on the fact that Philando Castile looked like a possible match for an armed robbery suspect.

Philando Castile’s family members and friends strongly believe that he was racially profiled. As a result, the police shooting prompted numerous protests over the course of several weeks. The protests resulted in injuries to more than 20 police officers and 50 arrests.

Former police officer, Jeronimo Yanez from Minneapolis has to make his first appearance in court on Friday.
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