Police Fine Driver after Viewing Facebook Video

"Police Fine Driver after Viewing Facebook Video "

A driver got fined for running the stop sign after taping and posting his stunt on Facebook.

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – On the subject “how worse can it get?” we bring you the story of a man who managed to get fined after posting a clip on Facebook. A car driver from Woodland Park received a house call from the local police department saying that they have a ticket with his name written all over it.

A couple of months ago, another video posted on Facebook and YouTube was viral. Everybody, of course, remembers the ever popular “pass that joint, bro” video and the clip where two dudes stoned out of their mind got out of a car filled with pot smoke.

Well, this one isn’t about marijuana, it’s about what not do when you’re breaking the law. Michael Dalton, a car driver from Woodland Park, wanted to get home that day much earlier than usual. As a law-abiding citizen, after seeing that the cars in front of him moved like Davy Jones’s lazy eye, the man decided to take a little detour through the nearby residential complex.

The fact itself is no biggie, considering the fact that most car drivers will try to find alternative routes in order to bypass busy junctions. As Mister Dalton, thwarted through the hood, the driver seems like a good idea to tape himself while running a stop sign.

Of course, the deed wouldn’t have been complete without Dalton posting the clip depicting his daredevilish act on his Facebook account.

A week later, Michel Dalton, as he was casually surfing on the web, probably checking his Facebook account in the process to see how many likes and comments he received, he heard a knocking on the door.

To his surprise, a police officer was standing in front of the door holding a pink ticket. When the man inquired about the ticket, the police officer responded that the whole squad saw Dalton’s performance of Facebook.

And, had the man did not receive so many likes and comments, the police wouldn’t have discovered his stunt.

Naturally, Dalton, getting more enraged, said that that Facebook clips cannot be used as evidence for a traffic violation. He then asked the police office if this is a new police thing, and if the police can do that to anyone.

Without frowning or angering himself, the police officer answered that according to the First Amendment, Mister Dalton has a right to post anything he wants on Facebook, but breaking the law is always punishable, no matter the circumstances.

In the end, all that Dalton has is many Facebook like and comments a lighter wallet.

Photo credits:wikipedia